Growing up I found myself in and out of modelled home tours with my mother, an aspiring bay area interior designer. Perhaps this is where I fell in love with architecture as an art, nkJ2QpYA.jpegamong equally being captivated by the perfectly eloquent furniture and home décor.

With my love for home design and architecture I couldn’t help but attend AIA San Francisco Living: Home Tours, an open house event featuring five homes designed by leading Bay Area architects. I found this the perfect time to support the Center for Architecture, as many of you that follow me regularly know I have been searching to purchase a new house in the bay area. Having this opportunity to view these stunning homes that captured the essence of San Francisco was rewarding beyond words.

 “Architecture + the City provides a unique opportunity to engage and learn more about the impact of architecture and design in our everyday lives.” said Stacy Williams, Interim Executive Director, AIASF and Center for Architecture + Design.

The mid-morning of the tour began with viewing the breathtaking picturesque panorama view from a tri-level property nestled at the foot-of-the-hill in Twin Peaks. I admired the original 1940’s structure intact with a wraparound terrace and a roof top garden, this house had such a harmonious flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Another property that caught my attention was the 1908 Glen Park home, where it unraveled with a new spilt-level entryway and connecting stairs. The third on the list was in an urban part of San Francisco, a 1930’s warehouse that was transformed into a modern, multi-faceted residence and working space. This property centered around community, arts, and music as it showcased all these details and was by far my favorite of the home tour.CYVxtgnA.jpeg
I must openly admit I hope during my home search I can find a property that exudes such design and craftsmanship as the ones showcased during AIA San Francisco Living: Home Tours. Stay updated for upcoming events & tours by visiting:
Natoma / Photo credit: R. Brad Knipstein
Eureka / Photo credit: Warren Patterson Photography
Pinacles / Photo credit: Bruce Damonte Photography
Twin Peaks / Photo credit: Rick Pushinaitis
Precita Park Residence / Photo credit: Jaspar Sanidad

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