An Evening of Awareness & Luxury

Two weeks ago, I spoke alongside Diabetes Youth Families at an event hosted by Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek. The highlights of the evening was having the opportunity pIqHklxQ.jpegeditedto speak on the daily challenges diabetes has on those who are affected by the auto-immune disease and how we can prevent others from being diagnosed.

 “Every set back is the set up for the glamour in life”

During the one-night event I was able to meet and conversate with so many supportive diabetes advocates and supporters. Many of you might have noticed that I mentioned my sincere gratitude on Instagram, and again I want to express from the bottom of my heart, to those who attended or watched live on my @richinlovefashion IG account, thank you. From having several meaningful conversations to Jason Lee Imaging capturing the nights moments I must say, diabetes has never looked more glamorous than this. NM 1DressPanel
Again, the biggest thanks to John Collins of Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek for having me and to all of who attended.

Peplum Cocktail Dress c/o Chiara Boni La Petite Robe


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