Dark Side of Love

Have you ever loved someone more than you did yourself and found from within a sorrow that ached deep down? If you have, you’ve experienced the dark side of love.

Many will say we attract these dark relationships, however I highly disagree that anyone solely attracts a grandiose narcissist into their life. You may disagree and challenge this by saying, “but Doris you said, what you want, wants you” and yes that is correct. I believe when you are spiritually connected to a higher source you have the tendency to appeal to those that are broken.

Take risks with faith, not fear

Cleo Wade

When I look back to the past I see those that I attracted where from broken families, experienced a troublesome childhood which included being bullied, psychological stress or in one specific connection a reflection of selfishness and entitlement. Through each connection I discovered something about myself and in many cases staying longer than the expiration date, which in return tested my mental strength. There is a time to be strong and a time to surrender your ego and take a risk through faith.

Twenty twenty has been the reset that a number of us were in need of, a year of purging friendships, past relationship wounds and current toxic connections. While many will say this year has been a loss, I find it to be the opposite. Spending several months forced to reflect in solitude has given those who took advantage of this to take a long hard look at who they are which in return has gifted new direction. From all I have been learned this year I know this to be true, when it’s time to leave, leave in faith and never in fear.

Photography c/o J Lee Photo Studio

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