More Than Enough

The traumas we experience in childhood act as triggers that bring past-life memories to the surface. Therefore, we all react differently to the things or words said from another. If we as adults don’t stop and reflect on the past, then we will forever stay programmed in a less than desired mindset.

Through my personal journey of self-growth, I wasn’t truly able to heal until I walked away from the people & environments where I became sick. That included family, toxic friendships, and relationships.

In a recent interview I conducted with Humans of Fuzia I shared details of what I had to overcome to find inner freedom. On this week’s episode of Dose of Doris (below) I share a glimpse of what I underwent in hopes it’ll encourage someone to keep moving forward and understand you are never alone.

Was she always destined to walk in the glamour? The answer is no. Growing up Doris’s life was as far away from glamour as she could be. It was a constant battle from darkness to light which made her realize that there was more to life than what she was living. In the search for personal freedom, she decided to walk away from her family and her old life. The courage that led her to take this step gave her the strength to heal”

Humans of Fuzia Interview

From the quote above you might be asking yourself why did you walk away? I walked away because of the narcissist behavior I had endured throughout my childhood. I had to cut the cord emotionally and offer forgiveness because this was the only way to heal the programming distilled in me that I was not good enough. I’ve now found a way on both a subconscious and conscious mindset to re-program these beliefs.

Despite how people feel about 2020, it was the year that brought me my personal freedom. Where I started to do the shadow work as well as connect with my past childhood trauma. I completed this through both meditation and mirror talk.

Through all of this, I learned that we don’t need closure from others to move on we just need accept what has happened which includes what we might have failed to see. It all starts with us and we are all more than enough to allow ourselves to heal.

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