A Reason to Trust

What is perfect timing, and does it even exist? The answer is YES, only if you allow it. In order to trust the timing of your life you MUST first trust that everything has a place. If a relationship or a job failed it had a place in your life at that distinct time, maybe it sparked a spiritual awakening or it could have sent you on a different direction that led you to abundance. It all starts with asking this, what is my purpose? What mission am I here to accomplish, experience and share with other?

Remember it’s not about feeding the flesh, living a life out of your means rather it’s about serving your soul. To find your purpose you must find God, love yourself and do soul things.

How to Trust Time?

In order to trust time, it again comes back to having blind trust to the bigger picture that is being laid out in your life. After you have allowed the timing of your life to unfold knowing that every moment is exactly where you need to be the changes will start to pour into others. This means trusting yourself and your intuition and knowing what the truth is. When it is time for you to take action, you will feel it deep down inside.

 Everything I need comes to me in the perfect, place and time.

Living more authentic through time

Trust that living a more authentic life always starts with living through a lens of more joy and less fear. I personal have developed a strong relationship with God and I find more than ever I no longer allow nonsense or foolishness to disturb my peace. I believe that no matter where you are in the world or your life, we all have a spiritual team, guides and angels that are helping us navigate life’s challenges with love.

If you can come to terms that you are where you need to be and let go of what is out of your control, I promise you will not only see a difference, you will experience the feeling too.

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