An Evening at Markham

Just in time for harvest, I shared a lovely evening with industry leaders, media acquaintances & fellow lovers of Merlot at Markham Vineyards. The anticipated Legends of Merlot Harvest Dinner was held at within the vineyards historic barrel room.

Founded in 1874, Markham has always taken pride in operating and producing some of Napa’s best wines which embody unique characteristics, aromatics, and flavors. Located in the heart of St. Helena, right off of Highway 128, guest can always expect to become enchanted from the wineries historic and modern design.

“It’s so invigorating to be in Napa Valley or at this beautiful winery. When it smells like harvest, you can smell the grapes, it’s alive and it’s fantastic. It’s a fantastic job.”

Kimberlee Nicholls – Winemaker, Markham Vineyards

This premiere Legends of Merlot Harvest Dinner featured a quaint reception in their large tasting room which is now since the event under construction. From the elegant champagne flutes topped with bubbles, guest mingled among one another while a few special announcements were made. After which guest collectively made their way to the barrel room which housed an intimate number of tables with approximate & comfortable seating arrangements’. Entering in wearing a 1970s beaded jumpsuit by Susan Roselli, paired with black patent designer heels in addition to my often-worn black beaded earrings. I was ready to experience what the evening had in store.

From a rather quick scheduled photo-shoot with Photographer, Bryan Gray to a well curated three-course dinner courtesy of Elaine Bell Catering, guest had the opportunity to connect with Markham Winemaker, Kimberlee Nicholls while enjoying a full range of exquisite Merlot and a live jazz band.

Thank you, Markham Vineyards & Blaze PR, for the special invitation as well as my fashionable plus one (LuvVon Brown) who joined me for the experience.

Susan Roselli Jumpsuit, similar style here.
Foundation CHANEL, Lipstick MAC Cosmetics 
Holistic Skincare c/o Liv + Grace
Red Nail Polish, Red Carpet Manicure
Wine & Location c/o Markham Vineyards
Photography c/o Bryan Gray

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