All that Jazz

1-12 Full 1-12 Detail 1-12 BackAnn Taylor Feather Hem Dress (similar here)  Diamond Accented Onyx Ring – Macy’s  Vintage Diamond Tennis Bracelet & Chandelier Earrings (similar here & here)  Jeweled Pumps by Carrano (sold at Piperlime, similar here) Vintage Kodak Browine Junior Camera sold here

The simplicity of the 1920’s has appeared in the historical theatrical film depiction of The Great Gatsby, which showcased glam and prevailing glitz. Women of the roaring era displayed such style of wealth out on the town, conversing over dinner a swanky club or taking in a night at the opera. Special occasions were best attended showcasing the extravagant attire accompanied by the shimmer of designer accessories.

Despite the winter months baring arms among legs became a modest persisted. From front rounded necklines that came rather high to the low cut backs which plunged low, some reaching the waist line. Women of this era garnished the finest jewels, beads, crystal headdresses and lavish shawls. In the year of 1925 the debut of fringe and feathers accented the standard form of attire for show girls. I find the movement of fringe and feathers adds a playful youth to the stereotype ‘Flapper Dress’, providing a Chicago chic sense of style.1-12 MiddleWith a decade consumed with all-night celebrations which included song, dancing and an abundance of liquor. The goal of creating simultaneous sophistication with a shimmer of sex appeal depended on the individual, with an outcome that can be lavished during an elegant dinner for two.  When choosing a comparable ensemble of the 1920s, modern day designers have produced garments that clone the luxurious velvet, silk, satin and chiffon fabrics. Gold and silver were prime eye catching choices with black being desired for evening wear, thanks to iconic designer Coco Chanel.  Live life as they had with opulence, sumptuousness, decadence, and all that jazz.

Home for the Holidays

Gabardine Wool ‘Lady Scott’ Blazer (similar here)  White Blouse – Ann Taylor  Vintage Wool Plaid Skirt Created by Roberta Alexander (similar here & here)  Vintage Earrings (similar here)  Gold Halette Pumps – Truth or Dare by Madonna

Over the years, I have continuously admired the women of the 1950’s for their ageless sophistication and graceful appearance, as their style has made a mark within my personal aesthetic. A muse can be seen as one that “Makes the magic happen” as Audrey Hepburn did when she first met Hubert Givenchy, designer of the iconic black sheath dress worn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Another individual whom I hold dear to my heart would be my late aunt, Roberta Alexander, a talented designer of her era, which has inspired my sense of style. Her prevailing fashion and style choices will always live on, through her 1970’s vintage designs.

 In her late life, my aunt commissioned her fashion career with passion and creativity. Her designs consisted of traditional red plaid patterns; peter pan collared blouses and elongated polyester embellished maxi dresses. Gifted from her collection, a cross-hatched wool plaid patterned pencil skirt which I’ve come to adorn. A sentimental maverick garment which I have paired with my late grandmother’s nuptial blazer. Standing together once again mother and daughter, their souls joined through the conjunction of fashion.During this particular photo-shoot my mother had the honor to stand by, witnessing the garments of her late mother and sister come home for the holidays. Bring home the past with the adaptation of a fashionable past this holiday season.

Oh, Holy Night | VRAI Magazine

Velvet Cocktail Dress – Vince Camuto    Vintage Corde Clutch (similar here)  Vintage Button Bracelet (similar here)  Gold Halette Pumps – Truth or Dare by Madonna

At the end of every year, many will take a moment to ponder over the occurrences that had transpired throughout the year. Even with the unpredictable occurrences, I find my blessings to be greater than I could have ever imagined. From a personal in-depth interview with couture designers Badgley Mischka, to being interviewed by Caitlin McCulloch Style Editor of Diablo Magazine for their annual “Best of the East Bay feature. With the re-branding of Rich in love Fashion I began to aim towards greatness, conveying an era that symbolizes the most glamorous decade of film and women’s fashion. In a decade after the war years, designers such as Christian Dior redefined the silhouette along with the appearance of a woman. I find this particular classic profile taking flight through the stories I write executed by the photographs composed.

How often during the year do we envision or become drawn to the glamour of a formal dinner, reception or holiday gathering? I find an attractive dress with subtle accents and overall feminine confidence to be striking. It may be every woman’s goal, to be the center of attention as others gaze in envy or flock in praise? One should enter a room creating appreciative smiles and not mocking grins. The distinction between bold and gaudy can sometimes be narrow; sensual can be perilously close to slutty; chic can be close to showy; exotic can become erotic. The question of how to present your self in a timeless air of grace while still maintaining a modern appearance can be applied by the merging of the two eras.The women of this timeless era of the forties and fifties were known for their ‘perfect’ sense of style from their dress material which displayed curved lines, embellished ruffles and elaborate details. For the modern woman a sense of timeless style such as this is certainly approachable for the holiday season. A gorgeous supple draped velvet cocktail dress sharing a rich decadent undertone takes center stage, merged with the holiday sparkle of vintage accents highlighted by glamorous side swept hair like Veronica Lake. An appearance as this gives you much needed glamour for the holidays with the addition of vivid red lips, gleaming black liquid eyeliner on a contrasting nude eye accompanied by flawless skin. Bring tradition, glamour and vintage flair home this holiday.VRAI_BW