Gladys Magazine

Front Barcode-Front Postal CVRSGLADYS MAGAZINE goes beyond the glossy covers and glitzy ads, it provides inspiration, media results and love to the people who are the heart and soul of the publication. Gladys offers two publications: Gladys an Award winning International Fashion & Inspiration Magazine and Bella Gladys. Each magazine is distributed quarterly; offering exclusive interviews and editorial photography as well as visually appealing graphics.

Receive peace of mind advertising while you attract a premium audience consisting of luxury readers through their in-print circulation of approximately 94,000, E-magazine, website, and social web site presence of over 1 million. In addition, Gladys is found at upscale booksellers, sophisticated retail outlets and select newsstands throughout the country including,  Barnes & Noble, B Dalton, Legacy Books, Target, Nook Books. BookstarLiberty Books.
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