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An Unforeseen Love Story

Before there was love in my life, there were vintage adornments – a glamorous remembrance to a timeless era.  In the years before, I’d often ponder the thought of what makes love so special? I suppose until you meet that one soul you may never know. For me, it came unexpected with the development of Rich in Love.  It took many years to fathom … Read More An Unforeseen Love Story

A Countryside Ride in Gingham

Wine tasting  is one of the most popular and prominent pastimes for wine lovers worldwide, with more than 400 wineries to visit in the Napa Valley alone. To experience the true flavor of a premier choice of wine requires a leisure mindset which in turn involves your sense of sight, smell, touch, and most importantly taste. I find an abundance of relaxation while I’m among the … Read More A Countryside Ride in Gingham

An Engaging Collection of Memorable Moments

One of my favorite aspects of vintage antiquing is the relationships I have formed with each piece I acquire. So it comes as no surprise, when I started selling vintage jewelry and accessories from my private collection (as seen here), I knew I wanted to share with those who purchased as much as I knew about the women who once owned them. What I … Read More An Engaging Collection of Memorable Moments