Lace & the Face

Dress-Banana Republic  Flower-Michael’s  Earrings & Clutch-Vintage  Heels-Corso Como

Current trends arrive each season only to leave its brief debut, but personal style stands the test of time. Despite how flux your style appears, I find a classic figure flattering silhouette with vintage accents never fades. A simple mid-length sheath overlaid with abstract lace conveys a sense of old Hollywood glam, with an elegant touch of floral. Ranging from Hollywood starlets to political royalty, inspiration in this particular style can come from retail, a craft boutique or your mother’s collection of vintage heirlooms.A white magnolia bloom attaches the upmost perseverance of both purity and perfection. A divine flower that has lasted through the centuries has found its placement from the garden to a stylish ensemble.


Exotic Sophistication

Dress – The Limited  Shawl – Maggie Barnes Belt- Nicholas  Earrings & Ring – Vintage Heels – Aldo Custom Makeup – Belleci Cosmetics

Leopard print is commonly identified with both wealth and luxury, adding an air of exotic glamour and sophistication to ones ensemble. Stars of old Hollywood have embraced such a print making it a staple of the era, today this classic print has held its popularity continues. Animal prints are timeless and are found as a great way to accent your attire displaying a high fashion appearance while remaining cost efficient. For those that are hesitant to highlight their ensemble with such a bold print, perhaps a shawl in leopard print would provide a subtle touch.8-25 Middle 2


Blazer – Banana Republic Hat – Christine Original Earrings & Clutch -Vintage  Skirt – ASOS  Heels – Corso Como 

A few weeks after I had debut a Christine Original Black feather vintage hat, I was generously flattered with the social media praise I had received over exhibiting such an accessory. Though most of the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, I find that the stares from onlookers during my photo shoot to be refreshing. I presumed most were admiring the accessory rather the subject it self.  I’ve been interested in seasoned garments of the late forties since adolescences, back then it was just a shift glance of an era gone by. In today’s current age, I find the recreation of these classic styles in combination with modern day staples to represent a sense of grace in an approachable manner. Together they stand as a steadfast of strength and boldness.
In 1919 a designer by the name of Edward Molyneux set new standards in Paris during the branding of his couture house. Displaying a collection which demonstrated fluid yet elegant garments, his designs in return attracted a notable cliental. With an expansion to his collection in 1946 his product line now featured fur, lingerie, and perfume. Known for his suit ensembles, which featured tailored blazers, slim fitting skirts in contrasting colors were accessorized using large flat hats, tilted to one side and architectural style handbags. I agree with Molyneux’s former employee, Pierre Balmain that described his collection as, “a temple of subdued elegance.”



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