Parisian Prominence

Dress Coat – INC International Concepts  (Menswear)   Blouse – Ann Taylor   Wool Skirt – Vintage heirloom (Doris Alexander)   Necklace – Vintage   Heels – Dolce Vita

Parisian sense of style has a distinct sartorial in regards to garment choices. Maintaining confidence through a casual yet elegant persona, Parisian’s are viewed as never over or under-dressed. Profiling a French muse, Coco Chanel, a legendary designer who believed in an overall ensemble that represented a theme of, less is more. In following those guidelines one should apply a sleek, feminine profile which achieves a subtle highlight that combines menswear with a femme allure.

Flattering the deepest navy’s in the form of a knee-length pencil skirt with the crisp company of a white blouse gives one a Parisian affair. A prominence of the Parisian cultural lifestyle and society is through their haute sense of style, as the French are known for their well-presented statue. With an industry that has originated in Paris during the 1860s, this venue acts as the centerpiece of French fashion. From the extravagant use of fabric which conveys feminine elegance, presenting a narrow shoulder, cinched waist with the emphasis on the bust and longer skirts lengths. The succession of a French state of mind was created.

Sentimental Journey | VRAI Magazine

Sitting on a stoop within a patio surrounding of my parents’ landscaped courtyard, my father Richard, a retired foreman for a metropolitan transportation company begins the conversation with an aged monochromatic photograph. Slipping the photograph from his fingertips, my eyes began a steady focus on the descending structures in the foreground of France, 1944.  A much younger image of my grandfather, Richard “Tex” Hobbs, set center stage.

A historian at heart, I’ve gained a profound respect for subjects that contain an awareness that interface society. As an adolescent at the age of thirteen, I had not pieced together my grandfather’s involvement with WW II. In the fall of 1939 Americas were faced with a battle that began in Europe with Germany seizing attack on Poland. During this devastating time in history, an estimation of eleven million fatalities had occurred. While a greater part of our nation was caught under a state of panic, my grandfather, a B-17 flight engineer and top turret gunner pilot of the Air Corp 97th bomb group “did his duty during this international affair of war,” states my father.Dress-Ann Taylor    Military Issued Aviator Sunglasses- Similar at Ray-Ban   Heels-Charles by Charles David

Leaning back further on the wooden stoop I sat upon, I began to visualize the thunder of the radial engine, the smell of oil mixed with high-octane aviation fuel in combination with speed and maneuverability. With a strong urge for history I united alongside my father at the age of seventeen for the grandest personal experience in the cockpit of an AT6-Texan at Skyview Aviation. Soaring through the Napa Valley with a destination of Ashland, Oregon, I’ve always referred to this experience as a “Sentimental Journey”. During this experience I’ve gained a glimpse of a lighter side of what piloting in World War II entailed, giving me a new perspective of an era gone by.

I would encourage others who know WW II veterans to take pleasure in speaking with those that fought and preserve their history, for we can’t go back once they’re gone.The Classic trench coat with its various lengths ranging from mid-calf to above the knee was originally created as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by the British and French soldiers in the First World War. I envisioned wearing such an ensemble in a classic lady-like design that would complete a motif of strength. A presentation of a coat originally invented by both Burberry and Aquascutum, made up of a 10 button double-breasted closure reiterated in a sheath dress, featuring a wide lapel, luxe leather trim and a self-tie belt, I proudly display medals which had been earned by my grandfather during the time he served our country.

With its rich history, the classic trench coat has surely taken a fashion forward style with its approach to an alternate arrangement of details and overall style. What attracts most to a trench coat is the enduring versatility and classic color palette. Whether you go with a single or doubled-breasted derivative, it’s a timeless classic.VRAI_BW*Much gratitude goes to Richard Ortenheim of SkyView Aviation, for providing airspace for today’s photo shoot. For additional information on flight training, maintenance or aircraft sales please call 209-830-7666

What’s in a Name?

Dress-Banana Republic   Hat-Doris Designed, Audrey Hepburn Style   Jewelry & Clutch-Vintage   Heels-Coach   Beauty-Belleci Cosmetics

On occasion we come across a name that marks a lasting impression that in many ways are humbling. I find the most rewarding name which holds such inspiration to be my grandmother’s, Doris.  A pleasant woman that distilled such an obit of kindness, which in turn has touched my soul in a multitude of ways. A name can change a person’s sense of direction; personally I find a name to give one a depth of truth which in return gives inspiration. A simple garment or accessory may possess a piece of history which forms a moment, as these established accessories do for me.

Approximately nine years ago, I ventured with my mother for an afternoon of consignment shopping. I stumbled upon a vintage clutch with gold metal accents. With a new name following, “The Doris Clutch” discovering a dated paycheck stub of 1957 with the name Doris Gibson, I’ve found a sense of history. In life we usually come across the phrase, “What’s in a name?” One may say that a name has no purpose or matter, but in ones reality it does. This may apply to a particular designer brand or an elaborate piece of clothing, the question lies in why we should assign so much meaning in a name or a label?  I find such an answer to be overlooked as the historical implication of a label less garment to behold more value than an item from a mainstream market.



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