Embroidered in Fuerza

3-23 Full 13-23 LS 13-23 Full 2JS Collections Embroidered Sheath (similar here & here) Vintage Beaded earrings (Antique Co-Op,similar here) Suede Gloves (similar here) J. Colleen Boutique Black Patent Clutch Corso Como Patent Pumps

Today, many individuals consider France as the center of the fashion spectrum, but perhaps could that same distinction go to Spain?  In the 16th century at the time, Spanish clothiers’ stitched reasonably moderate designs utilizing heavy fabrics as garments were decorated with medallions of gold, silver and bejeweled fabrics garnished in pearls, an influence left behind by the Moors era.3-23 Middle 1The Spanish culture brought the colors of different nations from many corners of the globe and amalgamated into their heritage. In return their glorious traditional red and black combo dress adorned an enrichment of classy, contemporary, and cultivated while driving a diverse fusion. With a population that surpassed more than forty-five million individuals which are individually driven as a western civilization. By the 1940’s the popularity developed by choosing with the color black, used for both day and evening garments during all seasons. Rich ruby reds were accents with an overall ensemble which incorporated a whimsical matador-style hat used to accessorize suits and dresses.3-23 LS 2

For an evening that contained an array of regal personalities, I bestowed a sense of strength from the hostess’s manner of organic beliefs and entrepreneurial focus. The choice to wear a matador inspired cocktail sheath, in company with black passementerie embroidery which embraces a Spanish influence was my choice to emanate such strength.


Grecian Simplicity

3-16 Full3-16 MiddleModa International One Shoulder Dress (similar here)  Antique Diamond Bracelet (similar here)  Vintage Diamond Paisley Brooch (Doris Alexander, similar here)  Vintage Diamond Earrings (similar here) Banana Republic Gold Box Clutch (similar here)  Carrano Jeweled Pumps (similar here

From a plunging neckline to a dramatic draping, an asymmetrical ensemble has the potential to make a statement. Beginning at the arms leading to an exposed neck and continuing to the beauty of ones face, such a presence demands attention. Even though an asymmetrical look has been presented in past, those who wore these styles were often identified as inspiring muses.

History has exhibited such stature of these influential muses dating back to the 1950’s where this particular sense of style exudes an increased undertone of sexual appeal. Actress and vintage vixen, Marilyn Monroe was known to channel her inner Greek goddess with a striking black one-shoulder dress. Paired with her signature bob and long satin black gloves, this one-shoulder styled dress was seen as glamorous, while she maintained an aura of sexiness.3-16 LSThe Ancient Greeks aimed for simplicity when it came to their signature one-shoulder style, the silhouette has definitely taken an intricate and detailed turn since the era of Aphrodite. Fashion has been inspired by history with a notable longevity inspired by an ancient material known as Grecian Chiton.  As a fashion pillar, that gracefully follows the movement of one’s body, being perceived and posed as a goddess. The style of the ancient Greeks displays such a historian implementation while naturally contouring through artful drapery and bodices with minimal or no boning. Plato, an Ancient Greek Philosopher once declared, “Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.” I find an unpretentious truth to the quotation.

Keep looking up

3-09 LS 1 3-09 M1 3-09 LS 2Casino Nights Beaded Cocktail Dress (similar here & here) Vintage Black Floral Rhinestone Earrings (similar here) Corso Como Patent Pumps

Cynthia Adams Carter and I may have never met in person, but today we have joined through a common interest of fashion. Since starting my personal style blog, I’ve found a way to display fashion of the day re-envisioning, re-purposing and admiring those before me. The fashion that I present comes from a generation of timeless elegance. I have found over the years that the lasting memory of one’s legacy could be seen through their career, festive personal life or perhaps through the garments they’ve acquired and displayed. Despite how the world may have perceived one while fulfilling life’s journey, your keepsakes that once symbolized your presence may also gift new light.
3-09 DetailStanding before a beloved family friend that knew Cynthia on a personal level, I was taken back as I clutched an exquisite black floral beaded cocktail dress in my arms. Cynthia’s neighbor held back the tears as she stated, “Cynthia embraced life, and she was a gift from god.” After this brief encounter I began to think of our time to harvest on earth, Cynthia’s business acumen with IBM, Xerox and final preparedness with AFLAC as she was seen as a legend. From loved ones and family to friends, neighbors and business associates they’ve all sought after Cynthia’s value in love and friendship. From her exuded offering of love and faith, her message to all was simple, “Keep looking up.”
3-09 Full 1
I have honored many women in my life within the pages of rich in love, from my namesake and grandmother Doris Alexander, to my beloved aunt Roberta Alexander which passed before my time. Additionally, a woman that literally changed my life through fashion and style with the placement of her bestowed vintage veiled pillbox, Justina Andrade. These women’s garments and names are just a few you will discover on my journey bestowing new light from a beloved past.

 In loving memory of Cynthia Adams Carter



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