Articulate in a Classic Manner with Maggy London

Maggy London Starry Night Jacquard Sheath Dress  Vintage White Fox Fur (similar here)  Vintage Pearl Earrings & Floral Cut Diamond Wedding Ring (Theresa Fisher – similar here)  B Brian Atwood Pumps

Allure the evening crowd with a bestowed gold metallic shimmer of a jacquard cocktail sheath dress from Maggy London’s cocktail collection. The Starry Night Jacquard Sheath Dress structures your evening with a sheer neckline garnished with the floral pattern of rhinestones and pearl beading. With its overall presence displaying a gold foil metallic silhouette in a floral pattern, a presence of timeless perfection is generated with each pose. The articulate yet classic manner of Maggy London’s designs highlights a modern elegance that gives the appearance of luxury.

Since 1979 Maggy London has popularized the modernization of how today’s modern woman fits her personal aesthetic through their timeless designs and pattern making. Founded by Larry Lefkowitz and Milton Cahn, their dresses embody high fashion in a wearable way. The quality of their prints, flattering fit and impeccable craftsmanship creates a loyalty to the brand. I find this design to present such versatility as it can be worn for a romantic dinner, a holiday gathering or as a guest to ones nuptials. With subtle accenting displaying vintage accessories this dress speaks for its self.Embrace the versatility of Maggy London and make an impact this Spring/Summer season in style. View new arrivals daily at


Coque Millinery | The Adored Red Hat Collection

4-13 Full24-13 LS 2BNW4-13 Full1Cache Open-Back Sheath Dress (similar here) Custom Pillbox Hat ‘Doris’ c/o Coque Millinery ‘Red Hat Collection’ Vintage Pearl Earrings (Theresa Fisher, similar here) Vintage 1940s White Glass Beaded Floral Purse c/o Aubree’s Attic Etsy Shop Vintage Cotton Lady Day Gloves (similar here) B Brian Atwood Nude Patent Pumps (similar here)

Do you view a hat as an accessory to protect against the suns rays or as a form of art? In fashion, hats have become a distinguishable accessory for onlookers as they bring attention to ones face.  A hat in my opinion is the most noticeable fashion accessory that one can wear. I’ve mentioned in the past a dated phrase that speaks much truth, ‘If you want to get ahead and get noticed, then wear a hat’. I find the casual gaze by perfect strangers to be invigorating and fulfilling.

Ontario resident & Hat Maker Ericah Mitchell of Coque, a local business in Canada specializing in custom made women’s hats and fascinators since 2013.  With a growing attraction to three style elements, classic, elegant and timeless “vintage” looks. Ericah’s designs for women who possess confidence, bringing a unique manufacturing process for those which appreciate quality and excellence. I often search for vintage inspired hats that bestow character, originality and authenticity, I find this and more with Coque.4-13 Detail3The second youngest of four children, Ericah grew up in a traditional household where women wore hats to church, so there was no surprise as a child creating hats became a natural hobby. “I would sit in my room for hours and take apart old hats to make what looked like a new hat. Some would say that I have a unique sense of style and fashion which often channels through my designs,“explains Ericah. Indeed her designs channel a diversity of colors and shapes shifting from accents of bird feathers, rhinestones, veils and petite bows. A signature touch that finds placement in an array of Ericah’s designs is the peacock feather.“The beauty that this bird represents with the techno colors of its feathers is astonishing among words,” states Ericah of her preferred choice of accents.

With a desire to gift a woman with a piece of individual beauty, a brand name had to reflect her passion for creating individual customized designs. Ericah’s husband Chris, began researching and discovered the French origin of Coque is defined as a loop of ribbon or feather used in trimming hats. With the unity of the originality and historical implementation of a word that now houses her personal brand, “the rest was history” states Ericah.

LS 1I’ve been known to garnish my ensembles with a subtle vintage flair which includes audacious costume jewelry, sleek gloves and an array of statement hats. During the past year, I’ve acquired a significant collection of authentic vintage hats that all embrace a story. Build your own memories with Coque and their newly released ‘Red Hat Collection’, by visiting
In dedication, to my beloved namesake & grandmother Doris Alexander – a lover of everything red. 

Modern Vintage

4-06 Full bnwBanana Republic Black Ponte Knit Sheath (similar here) Diamond Drop Earrings (similar here) Vintage Rose Brooch (similar here) Vintage Lady Buxton Jewerly Box (Theresa Fisher) Corso Como Patent Heels

Is there a difference between Contemporary and Vintage styles? Indeed there is, “Modern Vintage”. It’s the cross between modern day garments from a vast range of retailers and garnishing with vintage accessories. Displaying today’s modern designs, wardrobe staples which flatter ones silhouette are essential to reinventing a vintage inspired ensemble.

Through the usage of an unparalleled selection of etymology, a term that reflects the word “costume”. These inexpensive pieces of jewelry simulate gemstones such as rhinestone or lucite which were set in pewter, silver, nickel and brass. A cherished era I tend to model day-after-day is known as the Retro Period (1935-1950). In this period of fashion, designers struggled with the decision an artful design versus mass production. With an array of style choices that range from glamorous, elegant to sophisticated creations. Flowers, bows and sunbursts were selected displaying a Hollywood flair, embracing a bygone characteristic.4-06 Middle bnwMany may speculate which costume jewelry vault I may have robbed but the truth of the matter is, most of my vintage accessories have been purchased on impulse. I find the older the item the higher the value it retains, with its historic implementations. I’ve had my sights on collecting vintage accessories since I was an adolescent, where I would browse through my grandmothers’ jewelry box. Call it playing dress up, I called it revisiting my grandmothers legacy.

With each piece I purchase or fall upon I crave a story that is to be shared, a name to behold which in return recreates a new vision. For those that wish to view their grandmothers or vintage finds within the pages of Rich in Love, contact me. I would love to feature your story.



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