Editorial Close-Up – Maria Acibal

“I was always looking for something that I loved… Something that I was meant to pursue… Something I was so passionate about that it was all I ever thought about… And when I found makeup I knew that was it,” says Maria Acibal, a 24 year old traveling MAC Cosmetics make-up artist and founder of Makeup by MLA, explaining her connection and passion for make-up artistry, “It was the constant inspiration I’ve always been looking for.”

From a color palette of warm playful shades that consists of corals, hot fuchsia and an array of pink undertones, Maria seamlessly blends a color scheme which features MAC’s upcoming spring collection entitled “PlayLand”. Observing as she indulges on her latest human canvas she continues to speak of the recent collection stating, “Playland is about bringing out you inner child and allowing yourself to play in vivid colors and textures and let them brighten up your makeup for the spring season.”

Abcial, an artist of four years has been known for creating beauty from an array of beauty products as she carefully experiments within her fashion aesthetic. As a member of the MAC Cosmetics family originally located at Macy’s Concord for the duration of two and half years, she desired a new venture. During an Impact Team meeting a peer of Acibal informed her of an opening at the Pleasanton location. Taking no time to compose herself she immediately sought after Nicole Feliciano, Store Manager at Stoneridge during a local sales meeting as she clearly made her interest known. Going through the process of multiple interviews, May 2013 Acibal was offered a promising position within the MAC Cosmetics family at Stoneridge. She best describes this as one of her biggest blessings in her career.

Taking the advice of Stacy Maki an East Bay Trainer for MAC Cosmetics, Acibal clearly states with passion, “She’s a sensation, and I truly hope I can one day be in her shoes. Her image, artistry, personality, and passion for the brand are remarkable.” Acibcal smiles brushing a strand of hair that has fallen forward as she states, “To be honest, I could easily write a book about how all these MAC artists have inspired me. The greatest thing about MAC is no matter what, there’s inspiration everywhere.”

With an analytical take on beauty as an art form, Acibal can be seen as a muse while she performs in her element. Growing up in a well-rounded family that includes an array of artists, you could easily say it truly runs in the blood stream. “I always knew I was different, and that I was searching for something. I live to be inspired and to inspire others, that is my mission in life.” Carrying out her true inspiration with a career that gives her the strength and the determination to succeed she states, “Makeup Artistry and Fashion is just one way I hope to inspire others.”

It’s not all make-up for Acbial as she is readily known to make people laugh. Whether it’s a comedic take or bad joke, she takes joy in providing others with a laugh or two. Asking her why, she begins to chuckle as she says, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

For more Information on MAC Cosmetics newest collection, go to maccosmetics.com. Interested in booking an appointment, or being tutored by Maria Acibal at MAC? Please contact their Stoneridge location at 925-469-0369.

The Misconception

Top – Banana Republic (similar here)
Pants – Banana Republic (similar here)
Bracelet -Maison de Morgana  
Tote – The Limited (here)
Heels – Steve Madden (here)

In the early 1970s a massive number of women began to wear pants to the workplace as dress codes in the corporate spectrum finally became lax.  Giving a sense of formality to this new aspect of dressing, style icon for the working woman Mary Tyler Moore was known for her fitted bell-bottoms. Discussed in a prior post (here) which highlighted ‘The Power Suit’ with its approach of succeeding in a man’s world, work wear took a masculine persona. Starting in the 1990’s we were introduced to a black pant that could be seen as shapeless, even for the body-conscious woman.

For the past years, women of the workplace have fallen into the misconception that to dress professional resorts to wearing a solid or perhaps black, navy, or beige. In some situations this is the proper ensemble, for those seeking to stand out with a classic style that will elevate your office attire may try a Jacquard Ankle Pant. A classic diamond pattern of a color combination of Mojave and black ensures a polished focus to the print. Anchor a patterned pant, coupling it with a solid top keeping the focus where it belongs. “A strong pattern should be mixed with a subtle touch,” says New York City–based stylist June Ambrose.

A Substantial Accessory

Dress – Banana Republic (similar here)
Shawl – Merona (similar here
Necklace – Vintage
Heels – Coach (here)

It’s a familiar scenario as we all have been there countless times before. A woman standing before her closet of garments surveying each piece as she takes a deep sigh to herself, “What to wear?” Utilizing the simplest yet classic wardrobe staple might assist in your approach to completing ones ensemble. A day dress or better known as a sheath dress can be seen as the utmost timeless piece of clothing a woman could own, in my opinion. A sophisticated approach taking little to no effort, with just a simple zip of a dress you’ll find pleasure in adding accessories which will complete this appearance.

In Europe, most women treat a shawl as a substantial accessory as it can be seen as an integral part of ones appearance. Serving the same purpose as a sweater or light weight jacket, a woman never travels without a shawl. The paisley pattern evolved from the 1600’s from the design of the tree-of-life as it travels back in history over 250 years. A design that has continued to grow as it has been seen as the vogue in Europe for over a century.


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