A Chateau with Historic Taste

NY & Company 7th Avenue Suiting Collection (similar here)  Gene Doris Floral Millinery  Vintage Gold-Tone Rhinestone Wreath Brooch (similar here)  Madonna Truth or Dare Halette Pump

Travelers, wine enthusiast’s and merry crowds all agree on the prominence in which the Napa Valley is viewed, a historic implication of quintessential development. With the early 1940’s marking a significant place in time for seven vintners, forming a trade association which today represents nearly five hundred wineries. The underlining query to consider while visiting such a valley of growth and abundance is choosing one location for an afternoon of premier wine tasting. When you think of Napa an instantaneous thought comes to the mind, Domaine Carneros. During a brief visit to the award-winning winery, I found no better way than to celebrate the afternoon with their renowned sparkling wine.Arriving through the cast Iron gates of Domaine Carneros a blissful auroral greets guest’s presenting a likening to the bucolic French countryside. With the overall view which drives forward through the Carneros wine appellation, in the foreground stands a recreation of a historic 18th-Century Château de la Marquetterie owned by Champagne Taittinger in Reims, France. With an abundance of 350 acres of certified organic estate vineyards, the property houses an acoustic of elegance and boasts sights surrounded by the mellifluous vineyard-covered hillside.


Love & Elegance of a Spanish Rose with Hatitude

Sombrero ‘Sofia’ c/o Hatitude   Vintage Gown (similar here)  Vintage Ruby Red Rhinestone Earrings (similar here)  Vintage Hand-Painted Spanish Rose Fan (Josephine Barry, similar here)  Ranch Privileges Provided by The Root Family

Five minutes is the duration of time it took to become smitten with Hatitude, a Canadian based luxury millinery brand founded by award-winning milliner Amparo Findlay. With an adornment of artistic flair, brought on by an opportunity to develop designs which would easily be seen as innovative and suitable for an occasion such as  – A day at the Races, Amparo participated in both 2014 and 2015 Queen’s Plate Millinery Competitions. This occasion gifted her the freedom to draw from her artistic imagination with a new emphasis on ideas and techniques. “Having placed 2nd on both occasions was a very special acknowledgement of my creative designs from my peers within the millinery community,” she states.

Amparo discovered her passion for millinery being raised by her mother, a seamstress / tailor’s assistant in her native county of Spain. “At an early age, she taught me to sew my own garments. Through this experience I developed invaluable sewing skills and an interest in design, fashion and clothing construction in combination with quality material appurtenances,” explains Amparo of her influential growth as an aspiring designer.A graduate of George Brown Millinery Arts Program, Amparo entered into the design industry with an entelechy of a beautiful headpiece which stood on display within the ornate façade inside the gift shop of the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, “During a production of the “Die Fledermaus” Opera in Toronto, I became captivated by this particular headpiece and in this moment I knew I wanted to recreate this feeling for other women,” she reflects from her aver curiosity and twitterpated for color, pattern and form.8-17-2015 HorseWith an aesthetic that is fundamentally based on a love of elegance, refinement, quality and a gravitation to a classic yet iconic shape of an era where the placement of a hat was of importance.  Each design inspiration is processed reflecting Amparo’s personal aesthetic while keeping to a demographic of today’s modern woman. “As a designer, I like to include an unexpected element which makes my hats as unique as the women that wear them,” she expresses. With a classic arrangement of styles, her Sombrero is by far not only a preferred purchase but can be seen as a hat which combines both Amparo’s love of timeless design which in turn represents the fine details for a modern woman.Indulging within twenty successful years of interior design has taken her to the depth of color, form and dimension to couture accouterments. With an acclaimed collection that contains shapes consisting of fedoras, sombreros, bowler hats, cloches and berets, Amparo’s usage of quality fabrics reaches a demographic of style. “Our clients are discerning women wanting to explore new ideas, who love something a little different, that touch of flair and panache that only a great hat can provide”, she explains. With a brand standard which includes a vision that fulfills each client’s desire from custom designs to sizing, Hatitude offers an exquisite creation for every occasion no matter the destination.


On the Horizon

Ann Taylor Trench Dress (here & here)  Express Tie Neck Halter Blouse (here)  Vintage Blue Rhinestone Earrings (similar here)  Pearl Bracelet (similar here)  Vintage 1920’s Binoculars (Robert Alexander) Vince Camuto Pumps

Standing within the bucolic surroundings I find a sense of serenity surround the agog persona I possess. One could compare today’s society as an urban serengeti that repeatedly takes flight with each sunrise to sunset. The question may telesthesia on the horizon of what tomorrows awakening might bring.In a past era of Hollywood’s first interpretation of an impracticability of glamorous red lips, high heels and delicate accessories an iconic sense of style developed from the 1955 film entitled, ‘Mogambo’.These ineffable beauties Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner established their diverse ensembles which consisted of a sporting cargo-pocketed trenches, vivid neckerchiefs with side-spilt skirts which all showcased the epitome of elegant adventuresses. I find the combination of vintage accouterments accented by the modern touch from a past seasoned trench dress to bring a utilitarian appearance with a practical safari twist.

Traditionally, trench styled designs featured a double-breast with 10 front buttons and wide lapels, a storm flap and pockets which button-closed. These coats were belted at the waist with a strap around the wrists which also buckle up. This appearance received mainstream recognition in the 1850’s by Thomas Burberry, the inventor of gabardine fabric. In many ways the trench coat emblematic a moment in history which World War I occupied, a sense of history of garnishing myself with a historian figure that fought within the rigid military order.
Today, I find these military details to garnish an existing adornment of history that traditionally gains a new horizon of value & strength.  “The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun” – Christopher McCandless, Explorer.


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