STORIES & PAST EXPERIENCES from clients inspired by the value gained from partnering with Doris of Rich in Love Fashion.

“Such an honor to have you model, style and write about my millinery. I have fallen in love with your work and how you create each look with class. Luxury millinery isn’t for everyone, but you pull it off extremely well.” – Lady Sharma, Owner & Milliner of Lady Sharma

“Doris is truly a fashion icon, “Hands Down”. Her color choices are complimentary to her skin, eyes and hair color, that emphasizes her slim physique, forcing you to take a 2nd look, and admire. I happened to be driving passed a corner paying attention to the traffic light one day when something caught my eye near a large fountain at the corner it was Doris. She was able to catch my eye because her beauty for fashion was unsurpassable and difficult to ignore.  Fashion is truly her passion and she is superb in all that encompasses it.” – Gloria Michnowski, QA Analyst at GSO

“It’s a pleasure working with Doris. She exudes a style uniquely her own – vintage glamour graciously woven into today’s stylish sensibilities. In the time that I’ve worked with her, she’s evolved from just being a fashion blogger to a writer in search of genuine beauty and inspiration.” – Danny De La Cruz, Publisher of VRAI Magazine

“I love working with Doris. she is a gifted writer, she has connected me with magazines and other brands. She looks stunning in my designers on her beautiful blog. Every word and every photograph is highly professional. Doris has greatly helped my brand. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with her.” – Davis Brimberg, Owner & Designer at DAVIS Fashion

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