Media Services

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COMMITTED TO PROVIDING her clients with the absolute best branding experience possible, Doris’s expertise will enhance your reputation as an accessible luxury brand. With media resources ranging from Nationwide Publications, Media Producers and International Designers you are able to gain the media results you deserve.

Other services include: Magazine Advertising in Gladys Magazine, Special Event Product Placement, Premier Television & Radio Broadcasting, Newspaper Features and Internet Publishing.

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Lisa Bartle, Kooki De Lou Designer – “Doris has given my company a real injection of publicity that I needed, as well as being helpful, considerate and given my requirements an urgent response.” 

Lesley Sharma, Owner of Lady Sharma Millinery – “It was such an honor to have Doris model, style and write about my millinery. I have fallen in love with your work and how she creates each look with class. Luxury millinery isn’t for everyone, however Doris pull it off extremely well.” 

Stephanie Manna, Belleci Cosmetics CEO -“I love working with Doris. She is a gifted writer, consultant and model connecting me with magazines and TV media. I am so thankful to continuously work with her.”  

Danny De La CruzVRAI Magazine  Publisher -“It’s a pleasure working with Doris. She exudes a style uniquely her own – vintage glamour graciously woven into today’s stylish sensibilities. In the time that I’ve worked with her, she’s evolved from just being a fashion blogger to a writer in search of genuine beauty and inspiration.”

Davis Brimberg, Owner & Designer of DAVIS Fashion  – “Doris looks stunning in my designers on her beautiful blog. Every word and photograph is highly professional. Her beauty is unsurpassable and difficult to ignore.”

Chris Smith, Sales Manager at Emerald Park Jewelry – “Doris is truly a fashion icon, “Hands Down”. Her color choices are complimentary to her skin, eyes and hair color, that emphasizes her slim physique, forcing you to take a 2nd look, and admire. Luxury and fine jewelry is truly her passion.”


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