Time Wasted to Time Invested

Many years ago, a typical afternoon spent in San Francisco quickly turned from time wasted to time invested. Surrounded by racks of clothes in a rather robust resale boutique; dozen of wool sheath dresses on quitted padded hangers made my eyes bright in awe while I marvel through the fashion history that fenced me.Full 1Having browsed each rack at least twice I found to my amazement a late 1950’s Mink Fur Shrug Stole lined with a satin blue flower brocade pattern. It’s feminine, yet glamorous presence signaled a change from within. Slowly slipping the mink shrug off the cream padded hanger I whiped it around my shoulders as if I was a picador bullfighter waving my muleta before wrapping it around my narrow shoulders.DetailsThe first question that ran through my mind as I stared at my reflection in the full length mirror was, how could I style this with my current wardrobe? Many of us typically don’t want to purchase additional pieces to complement a new one. However with a mink shrug of this caliber you will discover it is a classic piece that is easily functional for both casual and evening wear.

I have found over the years my style aesthetic models after my European attributes, where I’ve always desired to keep all my garments modern, with large amounts of vintage glamour. When pairing a dated piece such as a mink shrug a simple pencil dress of any color, would create a simple silhouette while allowing the shrug to create texture and structure to the overall ensemble. As you may notice below I could have belted the dress, however I felt it would’ve restricted the appearance of an elongated torso and been a bit distracting.  Less is more when it comes to styling fur; you always want to stay rooted to unpretentious brooches, earrings and necklaces depending on the neckline.M1Full 3Full BNWM 2Full 2Nettles & Ivy Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage. 1950’s Mink Shrug (similar here, here & here). Vintage brooch, Etsy. Gold Leaf Earring (similar here & here). Coach Teddi Pumps similar here. Beauty c/o Belleci Cosmetics.


A Deeper Thought of Being

FullDoes the following statement below sound familiar to you?

“If only I could HAVE a certain thing, I would DO something, and then I would BE happier.” There are laws which govern the Universe (as many of us are aware of), such as the Law of Gravity. The Law of Gravity is always consistent: if we fall, we will find ourselves rapidly moving toward impact– it’s that simple. As the Law of Gravity governs the behavior of our falling body, the Law of Attraction, is a spiritual principle that governs how we bring into existence what we seek in life. The Law of Attraction states that we magnetize or draw towards ourselves whatever we give our focus and attention too.

Could life be this simple to parallel into abundance and true success by just mastering a brilliant mind of attention? And what is this brilliant mind and where does one obtain such a mind-set?

Is it something we DO or achieve through BE-ing our higher-self?DetailsThis is different from living in a state of yearning, or chronic wanting (“I wish I could . . . “) Rather it is about choosing the experience one wants (“I am grateful . . . “) and allowing the details to work themselves out. Some may refer to this as living in the moment or BE-ing present. Whatever you may call it, it has an effect on the governed laws of the Universe and a behavioral conditioning on our personal results. Wanting only effects more wanting and trying doesn’t create results it only allows you to exist in a vast universe of energy.

The question that I am often asked is, what inspires you? I find for me it comes from not only authentic glamour, but the luxury to create the life you desire.

Until you live the life from within your imagination, you will never be able to act on those beliefs. I grew up with tremendous mental strength which consists of persistence not to mention a vision greater than my current reality. When a child holds onto a mental image there is no stopping their possibility or success. I’ve gone through a number of levels of growth and each time a new version of myself transpires unlocking hidden potential and shifting paradigms.

To truly succeeded in life you must remember to BE the person you envision, DO what they would and then HAVE that life. In many ways, we are ALL blocking our birthright of having a life of abundance and freedom. Isn’t it time you take control of your thoughts and create the life you deserve?Full 1M1M2BNWFull2Full3Full4Casino Nights Beaded Cocktail Dress (similar here, here & here). Freshwater Pearl Earrings (Theresa Fisher, similar here). Vintage Gold Brooch Evening Clutch (similar here & here). Kate Spade New York Licorice Pumps. Foundation c/o Belleci Cosmetics. MAC Cosmetics, ‘Chili’ Matte Lipstick. 



Hosting Fashion Community Week

Fashion Community Week took place September 20th-24th in the heart of San Francisco. With three consecutive years of global success, I am honored to have been a Media Correspondent for VRAI Magazine during the weeks proceedings and Hosted “Couture for a Cause” at the Clift Hotel on September 23rd.Full 1Fashion Community Week is the Global ‘Intersection’ of Fashion in San Francisco, offering a business and marketing platform for Fashion, Beauty and Technology industries abroad. Last year, FCWSF was rewarded for their commitment towards community and fashion by Mayor, Edwin M. Lee of San Francisco. I am honored to have contribute to such a recognizable non-profit organization that highlights, several global designers from Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, Middle East, and South America.

For the evenings event, I wore Ndiritzy a luxury brand made exclusively for women of all sizes. Ndiritzy custom designs graced the runway of FCWSF ‘Couture for a Cause’ earning her the ‘Best Couture Designer Award’.

This year’s events consisted of 5-days beginning with an Opening Ceremony at the Fairmont Hotel followed by a series of well-curated Fashion Shows ranging from: Sustainable, Pret-a-porter, Emerging, Tech Designs and Couture. Each event showcased several highly recognizable San Francisco landmarks, with each day conveying elegance and unity.