Country Club Gingham

MLandscapeHas this summer gone by faster than any summer before, or is it just me? Although its official end isn’t until September 22nd I find it hard to not ensemble one last end-of-summer fashion trend, the Tie-Front Blouse.

Many of you (who follow regularly) may remember this same outfit worn little over a year ago during an afternoon of wine tasting. Today, I found that this same outfit works best re-purposed by wearing it tied in the front paired with a few Country Club essentials. How many outfits do we all own that can easily be re-purposed or revised, quite a few I would guess. Any outfit can take on a new persona of life with the littlest twist, tuck or in this case tie. DetailsIn the 1950’s the tie-front blouse were accepted as long as it was a few inches over the belly button and below the ribs, anything lower or higher wasn’t seen proper or fit in that era with today being quite the contrary. Whether it’s a tie-front blouse, long-tee or a crisp button-down, it can be easily dressed up or down to customize your personal style.Full 1LS2M2Full2Sleeveless Button-Down Blouse, NY & Co (similar here). Vintage Gingham Midi Skirt (similar sold at ASOS). Large Brim Sun Hat (similar here, here & here). Beauty c/o Belleci Cosmetics. Dolce Vita Weaved Pumps.


Roses are Red

m1Can a red rose express ones emotion for another? From rich wine-reds, baby pinks to the innocence of ivory nothing can be more powerful than the language of flowers.

There is no lingua franca in the floral world; a lily would mean something quite different to one woman than another; however the accumulated meaning soon becomes a faded memory. Take a rose, for example. It has for hundreds of year’s symbolized divine love in heaven. Gertrude Stein (“a rose is a rose is a rose”) is proof of its wordless express of respect, admiration and devotion. Like a scene from a love story, today’s facade the Arsenal Headquarters of 1941 exudes such beauty and grace for such a rendering of breathless love.

This off-the-shoulder deep red lace covered dress provides a sensual, yet elegant fit that flatters all emotions felt from afar. Isn’t it time you revive the subtle language of flowers, one that perhaps marks a milestone or simply a message of love.LS1F1Details 1F2LS2Details2SmileRed Off-the-Shoulder Dress c/o DAVIS Fashion (similar here & here). Pink Roses Gold Plated Brooch (similar here & here). Brian Atwood Nude Patent Pump. Pearl Stud Earrings (similar here & here)


A Fairy Tale Moment with Kooki De Lou

F1When someone says – “that’s just a fairy tale,” it generally means the life you are living is merely just a fantasy. I’ve found the thought of a fairy tale can easily become ones reality with just enough visualization, desire and belief.

From our earliest childhood memories, aspirations or stories we once told ourselves (to pass the time) have never left our subconscious mind. There is much we can learn by reflecting on the stories heard in childhood. The adventures, these stories often reflect challenges we will face in our adult journeys.

It is a great treasure to recall which tales from our childhood have a hold on us. Visions of princesses, castles and faraway lands all come to mind at first. To capture the fairy tale Glamour of Kooki De Lou, a velvet A-line dress I refer to as my ‘Bette Davis Dress’ which resembles the Edith Head design worn in her icon role of 1950, “All about Eve”. Garnished with the touch of a crystal floral brooch, black beaded earrings, and the reddest lips, all accessories paired seamlessly with a well-curated Lucite purse by Kooki De Lou.

F2Bag 1F3DoorsF4Bag 2F5ABroochF6Lucite Purse c/o Kooki De Lou. Black Velvet Dress (similar here & here). Vintage Crystal Brooch (similar found on Etsy here & here). Aldo, Uloaviel Pump (similar here, here & here).