Proportion in Design

The most essential experience created by architecture is in its structure. Architecture presents the drama of construction silenced into matter, space and light. Ultimately, architecture is the art of design and proportion.

487A9106Design is a part of everyone’s life, we live, construct and create life in the art of architecture. The aspects of all design effect our lives, however the similarities to architecture and fashion, as I believe are many. Both have a grace or in better terms “stance”.

When an architect is in the thought plane, they often will sketch their design on paper from a vision created; the same goes for a fashion designer. Having experienced the avant garde of the design world I find it true that design is functional and regarded far from plain or uninteresting. Regardless of its appeal to a certain audience, buildings and clothing are both designed by someone. Decisions have been made regarding the proportions, material selections, and use.041019AIASFHerbst_001During this year’s AIA San Francisco Design Awards held at the War Memorial Theater inside the historical Green Room, Bay Area individuals and organizations were recognized for their outstanding achievements in Architecture and design. The program serves to inform the public of the scope and value of architectural practice.

A few highlighted award honorees were Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP for the Monterey Conference Center, The Amador Apartments in Oakland by jones | haydu and the historic preservation of the Lodge at the Presidio with Architectural Resources Group. For the entire list of winners please click here.

Design of all mediums is something we all can appreciate. Whether it is fashion, architecture, art, graphic design, etc., we can cross-pollinate almost anything to create something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 487A9108Images c/o Dirk Wyse Photography


Beautifully Noted

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a brilliant musical performance in Oakland and couldn’t resist wearing this white satin sheath by Lady Vintage London. An elegant dress from their bridal collection that is absolutely beautiful for all occasions.

With the weather rather unpredictable these past weeks, I thought it be best to top my shoulders with my namesakes’ label less mint wool coat. Having seen my grandmother in several images wearing this same coat I felt a warmth that was beautifully noted.

An admirer of glitz and glamour, as many of you already know. I couldn’t resist pairing such a dress with a shimmering pearl embossed bracelet and matching choker. Due to the set not having identical earrings I substituted a rhinestone that had similar attributes. The contrasting textures, shades and shapes brilliantly complemented the ivory beaded scallop hinged handbag in-hand. DetailsF1F2M1Lady Vintage London Bridal Dress. Vintage Mint Wool Coat (Similar here). Rhinestone Crawler (similar here). Beauty c/o Belleci Cosmetics, OPI ‘Big Apple Red‘ Nail Polish. MAC ‘Chili‘ Matte Lipsticks. Brian Atwood Patent Pumps. Photography by rf_fisher_photography.


Paperless Post specializes in designing customizable online cards, invitations, and flyers that reflect your personal style — for weddings, holidays, birthdays, and other meaningful events.PP1I’m always on a lookout for innovated ways to present upcoming events which in return easily translate into beautiful, effortless and efficient pieces of art. You can only imagine how delighted it was for me to test out Paperless Post a card store + a digital invitation service all under one media platform.

I tried it out by sending a personal thank you note, and then set up an invitation for a gathering. I found my experience to be enjoyable and user friendly for anyone from a novice to pro personalizing down to the last detail came with ease.

You might not be aware that Paperless Post is a free service with many complimentary designs, but to personalize with certain upgrades, it does require the purchase of coins. They do have several free designs and you can send a free card up to 2000 emails for free. pp_2.pngFor example, my card was free, but I personalized the background, the envelope liner, the envelope color and the font, also adding a little graphic. To send that one card with all those upgrades cost 5 coins. However, to test it out to its full extent, I did so on purpose, and might have went a bit far. I do think many of the free designs are plenty sufficient say if you sent 200 “save the dates“.

Over all Paperless Post’s website is easy to navigate, clean, beautiful and enjoyable to peruse. Free to join, free to send (without the upgrades & limited emails as mentioned above), and definitely free to set up gatherings. Show your friends your style easily! I highly recommend Paperless Post to anyone looking to send something special and I look forward to sending more cards and invites!