An Evening of Awareness & Luxury

Two weeks ago, I spoke alongside Diabetes Youth Families at an event hosted by Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek. The highlights of the evening was having the opportunity pIqHklxQ.jpegeditedto speak on the daily challenges diabetes has on those who are affected by the auto-immune disease and how we can prevent others from being diagnosed.

 “Every set back is the set up for the glamour in life”

During the one-night event I was able to meet and conversate with so many supportive diabetes advocates and supporters. Many of you might have noticed that I mentioned my sincere gratitude on Instagram, and again I want to express from the bottom of my heart, to those who attended or watched live on my @richinlovefashion IG account, thank you. From having several meaningful conversations to Jason Lee Imaging capturing the nights moments I must say, diabetes has never looked more glamorous than this. NM 1DressPanel
Again, the biggest thanks to John Collins of Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek for having me and to all of who attended.

Peplum Cocktail Dress c/o Chiara Boni La Petite Robe


AIA San Francisco Living: Home Tours

Growing up I found myself in and out of modelled home tours with my mother, an aspiring bay area interior designer. Perhaps this is where I fell in love with architecture as an art, nkJ2QpYA.jpegamong equally being captivated by the perfectly eloquent furniture and home décor.

With my love for home design and architecture I couldn’t help but attend AIA San Francisco Living: Home Tours, an open house event featuring five homes designed by leading Bay Area architects. I found this the perfect time to support the Center for Architecture, as many of you that follow me regularly know I have been searching to purchase a new house in the bay area. Having this opportunity to view these stunning homes that captured the essence of San Francisco was rewarding beyond words.

 “Architecture + the City provides a unique opportunity to engage and learn more about the impact of architecture and design in our everyday lives.” said Stacy Williams, Interim Executive Director, AIASF and Center for Architecture + Design.

The mid-morning of the tour began with viewing the breathtaking picturesque panorama view from a tri-level property nestled at the foot-of-the-hill in Twin Peaks. I admired the original 1940’s structure intact with a wraparound terrace and a roof top garden, this house had such a harmonious flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Another property that caught my attention was the 1908 Glen Park home, where it unraveled with a new spilt-level entryway and connecting stairs. The third on the list was in an urban part of San Francisco, a 1930’s warehouse that was transformed into a modern, multi-faceted residence and working space. This property centered around community, arts, and music as it showcased all these details and was by far my favorite of the home tour.CYVxtgnA.jpeg
I must openly admit I hope during my home search I can find a property that exudes such design and craftsmanship as the ones showcased during AIA San Francisco Living: Home Tours. Stay updated for upcoming events & tours by visiting:
Natoma / Photo credit: R. Brad Knipstein
Eureka / Photo credit: Warren Patterson Photography
Pinacles / Photo credit: Bruce Damonte Photography
Twin Peaks / Photo credit: Rick Pushinaitis
Precita Park Residence / Photo credit: Jaspar Sanidad


Modern meets Vintage

From the final days of warm temperatures to cold evenings, Fall is approaching M_1rather quickly. I appreciate the translate from every season through the lens of my personal vintage-inspired aesthetic, where I always draw from an era gone by. Today a modern French Connection sleeveless jumpsuit meets a collection of vintage accessories.

Rules like ‘don’t wear white after Labor Day’ or ‘shoes matching the handbag’ are antiquated

Despite the fashion faux pas of not wearing white after Labor Day I am thankful that many of us no longer abide that rule. With that said, today is a perfect example of how a white cotton blazer can be worn despite the time of year.F_1M_2M_3Marie Sleeveless Jumpsuit, French Connection. Delia Connection White Blazer. Cat Eyed Sunglasses, Retro Sunnies (similar here & here). Tan Suede Pumps, Coach. Maybelline, Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick. Cover FX Power Play Foundation. Photography c/o rf_fisher_photography.