The Beauty of ‘Miss Tatiana’

Full 1 3-19-2017Spring, the Milliners busiest season of the year. Beginning by restocking any dwindling supplies from previous months and choosing materials for current designs, a Millinery studio begins bursting with deliveries of vintage flowers, lacy netting and unshaped straw.

For the start of the season, I find it the best time to pull together your best daywear ensembles and mark the months ahead with Carla Murley, Owner and Milliner at Murley & Co. Millinery. In her bayside suburb studio of Beaumaris, Carla annually produces one of the largest ranges of ready-to-wear and hire millinery available in Melbourne. I encourage you to view her premier designs on Instagram (here) consisting of six years within the industry, editorial features in both Vogue Australia and The Age, not to mention she has been named one of Melbourne’s “Top Ten Milliners” by the Herald Sun.

Through a successful career as a Milliner her aesthetic carries a strong graphic design, mixed with playful organic shapes and textures as seen in today’s design “Miss Tatiana”. From the large vintage hand crocheted brim to it’s satin center base, Carla focuses on using sustainable and man-made materials. While other designs tend to exude bright colors,  floral crowns and sculpted bows.

From the moment I discovered Carla’s Millinery talent and design portfolio, I envisioned how I might garnish such beauty. I started with a 1950s-inspired Wiggle dress by Muxxn in the royal hue of blue and found it to complement the unique style of Murley & Co. A pearl floral brooch, rhinestone earrings and satin Lewisette evening bag with matching gloves keeps such an ensemble elegant, yet timeless. You may also notice my eye to detail as the brooch design clearly marries the pattern on the millinery design and the pear tree blossoms. It’s the simplest details that create a world of timeless elegance to spring millinery.
‘Miss Tatiana’ Vintage Lace Brim Hat c/o Murley & Co Millinery
1950’s Inspired Wiggle Dress, Muxxn (Similar here & here)
Pearl Brooch & Earrings (Similar Styles Sold on Etsy

Donna Karan Hosiery, Sold at Bloomingdales
Marble Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics
Kate Spade New York D’Orsay Pump (similar here & here)
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The Elegance of food with Recipost

full-3-3-5-2017Day to day I find myself enjoying a simple lunch in much the same way many tend to enjoy such a meal. However, for those with diabetes, an underlying struggle with the complexity of carbohydrate counting poses a hardship.

Perhaps more than any other disease, diabetes demands consistent, complex maintenance which does not only consist with motioning ones glucose level, but also the amount of carbohydrates consumed. This is particularly true for the scarce kind of diabetes, type 1, in which the pancreas is basically unable to make the hormone insulin. Humans need insulin to process glucose, the sugar that fuels our bodies. However, if too much glucose builds up in the bloodstream, it can eventually cause damage to all parts of the body. Individuals with type 1 (like myself) must inject insulin into their bodies every day for survival.

You can only imagine the continuous struggle an individual with Diabetes must overcome. Personally, I’ve had to re-educate myself on a culinary perspective to adjust to the complexity which is now associated with food consumption. From a simple chocolate chip cookie that would bring any child joy now brings me heartache and an elevated glucose level.  Perhaps such a lifestyle change as this could be the perfect opportunity to discover a balanced diet plan.

Fight the staggering rise of diabetes by simply learning to cook healthy fresh food – it’s fun, and it could save your life! – Jamie Oliver

Recipost is one of the greatest culinary assets I’ve recently discovered. Their perspective of recipes and meal-kits is the simplest within the industry – compiled with a healthy array of curated recipe choices created by some of the leading food bloggers throughout the country. Such a platform echoes the simple elegance of food.

In addition, Recipost offers a non-subscription based platform as part of their overall mission to do away with the anxiety of deciding what’s for dinner and the inconvenience of going to the grocery store by delivering your beloved online recipes right to your door. Simply browse a number of food bloggers’ recipes, choose one, check out and Recipost will package up the fresh ingredients for you to prepare at home.

For my first experience, I couldn’t resist trying a Cuban Style: Veggies Con Arroz Morro by Seattle based Chef, Jaymee Sotomayor. This delicious dish illustrated a well-balanced blend of Native American Taino food, Spanish, African, and Caribbean. The result through this selection is I had the opportunity to experience a recipe that shares spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, with some Caribbean influence in spice and flavor. From living within a tight diet regimen since my diagnosis in 2014 Recipost has provided me the opportunity to explore a world of cuisine I would not see possible otherwise.
New York & Company Wide Lapel Shell
Mid-Century Rhinestone Floral Brooch & Earrings
“The Andrade” Skirt c/o Corsettery (similar here & here)
Raffia Straw Floppy Hat (similar here)
Marble Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics
Fiore Glam Satin Top Hosiery c/o Heels& Toes Inc.

Recipe c/o Seattle Chef, Jaymee Sotomayor for Recipost


Retro Cat-Eyed Glamour

full-1-2-26-2017Judging from the plethora of eye-catching retro-inspired eyewear that’s been getting face time – from the ready to-wear runways of NYFW to the sprawling city streets of Los Angeles – it’s clear that sunglasses have stayed within a chic Joan Crawford meets Marilyn Monroe, style aesthetic.

It’s this shift which reflects the current look-at-me trends – retro, vintage-inspired frames, chunky cat eyed tortoise shells and geometric shapes which attract instead of deflecting ones’ attention. There is a sense of dominance that speaks when showcasing such a style that allows you to not compromise your current appearance and authentic-self. There are a number of elements to choose when garnishing a retro look from a cat eye lens or oversized frames, which display an articulate presence of which attracts a wandering-eye despite the era.

A preferred choice (for me) has often started with the timeless 1950’s cat eye. They deliver a certain personality to the individual wearer- a dose of the NEW LOOK you could say – for a new persona. These elegant gold accented cat-eye sunglasses by Retro Sunnies exude such a profound appearance of glamour while offering the protection against UV4000. The gold hue from these “Daisy” shades can easily brighten up one’s face while completing an ensemble of authentic daywear.
Authentic Vintage Bow Accented Dress, Annie Sandoval (similar here & here
Couture Silk Scarf (similar here & here)
Retro-inspired “Daisy” Eyewear c/o Retro Sunnies
Pearl Accessories (similar here, here & here)
Marble Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics
Fiore Glam Satin Top Hosiery c/o Heels & Toes Inc.  
m-1-2-26-2017full-2-2-26-2017full-3-2-26-2017bnw-2-26-2017Full 4 2-26-2017.JPGarch-detail-2-26-2017full-5-2-26-2017