The Tour: Get Uncomfortable & Empowered

Full1 6-19-2017The greatest enemy to your future success is being in a state of comfort. I find those who are comfortable live in a trypophobia of fear which includes both mediocrity and regret. Perhaps the remedy is awaking each morning with blessings rather than circumstances of yesterdays past. Our eyes are opened, we have another day in which life has provided us, why not express that through gratitude?

A form of luxury can be symbolized by possessing great fortune that is not a materialist facade, however many of us have great opulence and see nothing of its kind. Too often, we get lost in our sheltered and hidebound lives to step outside of what I refer to as a box lifestyle. During an on-air segment with Stacy A. Cross host and creator of The Comfort KillersI had the opportunity to share my theory.

No one wants to feel uncomfortable, as this can easily be traced back our current adulthood programming to always play it safe, or in better terms – don’t rock the boat. Many are unaware your growth truly comes when you explore new skills and ventures, not to mention getting real with your goals which includes a pen and paper. The key to this is three words – consistency, action and truth, it’s that simple.

Typically, everyone has an excuse why they aren’t where they want to be. Well I am here to tell you to stop with the nonsense and embrace the uncomfortable situations in life. If you don’t like something occurring in your life you are the only one that can ultimately make the change. You can ask a million people for their advice, however you’d only be provided with unfulfilled answers which aren’t designed for the race you are indented to run.

At the end of the day, if all you do is take one step towards a sought-after goal or decisive thought you are closer than you think to achieving success and BE-coming fashionably Uncomfortable.

Coming July 12th, I’ll be a keynote speaker on a U.S. Speaking Tour: Get Uncomfortable and Empowered with Stacy A. Cross and Doris Hobbs. During this 3-hour event at WeWork Embarcadero Center in San Francisco I will share the start of my journey as an entrepreneur and how I overcame my unexpected diagnosis as a type 1 diabetic to achieve vim greatness.

The tour begins in San Francisco with guest speakers Jamie Partlow & Stephanie Belleci Manna and will travel to New York and Philadelphia, with additional cities being announced in the months ahead. If you’re interested in learning how you can discover your higher-self, I highly encourage you to purchase a ticket by visiting Eventbrite today.LS1 6-19-2017Full2 6-19-2017Details 2 6-19-2017FeaturedDetails 3 6-19-2017Full3 6-19-2017Harris Wiggle Knit Dress c/o Unique Vintage. Blue Freshwater Pearl Necklace c/o Alexandria Couture. Vintage Fur Halo Millinery (similar here here). Authentic Vintage Brown Leather Gloves (as seen on Etsy, here ). Coach, Teddie Pumps. MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Matte Lipstick.


The Eye of the Beholder

Full 1 6-13-2017The word “beauty” holds more truth than one would think. Couriering self-expression, from one’s physical attributes which in return represents a form of physical beauty. Nonetheless, what you may not realize is beauty evokes an emotion of admiration and awe. It can also appear to be an aristocrat reflection as Plato perceived its rich form as, “Beauty lies in the eye of the Beholder” as these words are clear and true concerning every human being.

Why is one attracted to some while others see nothing of beauty. This inner and outer beauty plays an important role in one’s life, its a common characteristic which most people consider when determining beauty. Inner beauty, is related to a person’s individual traits while outer beauty outlines their confidence.

It’s such a mistake in our society to assume that all beauty is only possessed from a group of supermodels and celebrity A-listers. While many of our paradigms have been highlighted in a demurer viewpoint with our thinking becoming jaded. Unless we recognize at the outset: that beauty is manifested in quite the most unexpected individuals through their confidence. A woman who’s strength radiates passion and conviction as a result, can easily praise her self-worth. She knows that she’s beautiful just the way she is, regardless of what the media dictates.

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Exposing Diabetes

LS 1It’s said that the journey matters more than the destination, but what if that passage involves a life threatening auto-immune disease called, diabetes?

Releasing on World Diabetes Day (November 14th) I cross over a stereotypical comfort zone in order to reach an unknown level of confidence in light of diabetes awareness, empowerment and acceptance with T1D Exposed: Nude Diabetes Advocacy Project

Before we can accept an off-set, we must take full responsibility for the actions we take from each sequestered moment as the life we represent has potential beyond belief. Nearly three years ago I made the decision to view diabetes in positivity, which in return has allowed me to share the glamour in a setback. After all, it’s the failures we encounter in life that provide us with the lessons which result in our personal success.

Support diabetes by visiting T1D Exposed: Nude Diabetes Advocacy Project online created by Kara Reed & Tara Layman and elevate the essential awareness that is needed in supporting type 1 diabetes.3Professional Hair Styling c/o Heather Hinchcliff of Aveda Salon .  Make-up c/o Belleci Cosmetics . Images by Tara Layman Photography at Studio 23