Doris Hobbs is a San Francisco based Luxury Liaison and PR Specialist
helping others shape their marketing through her preferred media partners.

From Diabetes to Glamour, Doris is the Creative Visionary You Have Been Yearning For

It was a day that would forever alter the path of my entire life.

Laying with my arms against my sides in a cold, impersonal emergency room wearing little more than a tattered gown I felt exposed and vulnerable, while the ER Physician delivered the diagnosis.

My eyes closed with tears forming. I knew I didn’t want to wear it as a sympathy garment; instead I would rather refashion how others perceive such a life-altering disorder.

But little did I know that feeling of being exposed and vulnerable and receiving my diagnosis would end up being the fuel and fire for wonderful things to come. Pouring myself into my passion for fashion I became globally known as “The Glamorous Diabetic” focusing on bridging the world of MEDIA and LUXURY to create memorable branding experiences.

Businesses today need to decide if they want to play small (like I felt in that ER) or play BIG and share themselves with the world!

The right partnerships can launch the next greatest brand that everyone falls in love with.

Today, I bring my unique mix of insight and skills to businesses and agencies seeking outstanding public relations professionals to grow their brands. My network and preferred partners are based on real, personal relationships forged over years of being a luxury spokes model for several international celebrity designers and magazines.

The key is finding the best exposure to fit your goals – be it traditional press coverage (magazine or television), social media, brand identity, or one-on-one creative guidance.

And when I’m not serving my clients, I spend my time giving back as a Diabetes Awareness Advocate supporting organizations and speaking engagements.

Let’s talk about you!

Call me to book your complimentary consultation today at (209) 207-4876

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