Eventually you will come to understand that self-love heals everything, and self-love is all there is.

Self-healing is a journey of choice. You can choose to continue in the same direction with a dis-ease, or you can experience a break-through. Choosing to purposely alter your path is done at great risk of the unknown. It is a journey into the Self, from the surface to the depth from the seen to the unseen, from the physical body to the True Self. To choose this road less traveled, is to choose the path of Nature.

An estimated 50 million people live with autoimmune dis-ease. Autoimmunity occurs when your body’s immune system malfunctions. It exists when your body decides that healthy cells are foreign invaders and mounts an attack against itself. In this unfortunate case of “friendly fire,” your body becomes a reluctant victim of your environment and of your choices—from the foods you eat to the thoughts you think. The attack of Self defines the Age of Victimhood.

Reconnecting to Nature, you see the larger you, the visionary. You see your gifts and choose to unwrap them.

On the path from victim to visionary it is critical to accept responsibility for your body and its wisdom to heal itself. Health is not found in a box or insulin pen. You free yourself to heal by trusting your gut to find your own answers. Health, like happiness, is an inside job and a birthright. No one else is authorized to hold the keys to our bodies unless consent is given. By your divine nature, you create your own health and heal your own dis-ease. Thus, healing is a reconnection of Self to Nature to find balance.

My personal self-healing journey hasn’t been glamorous as many would perceive it to be, it has been filled with plenty of darkness and anguish, however I’ve always found ways to take any setback as a setup for creating the life my soul always knew existed. A life in pure harmony without dis-ease.

 “Your Reiki power is like an aura, it’s a glow, and you are radiating out… no darkness can penetrate you.”

Hawayo Takata

When you have lifted the veil and your inner self has reached this mindset you are orbited to a dangerous new level which is life is continuous. This is the belief one must adapt when one commences a spiritual journey of self-healing. Throughout many of our voyages we are rarely every consciously aware of this state of being, and once you understand how to prevail and ‘enjoy the moment’ this becomes your new behavioral way of life.

In April 2022, I was introduced to Reiki. A Japanese form of energy healing where a professional practitioners use a technique called palm healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient to encourage emotional or physical healing. After my first session I felt a shift from within my body and days later my consciousness began to open with an awareness that I am not my childhood trauma or dis-ease (diabetes).

Through my experience with Reiki, I no longer identify myself as a diabetic. That was an unhealed version of myself that no longer takes proprietorship within my body nor soul.

Having started this journey, I now understand we are all multidimensional and limitless here for an underlying divine purpose to become Rich in Love.

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