WHAT IS TYPE 1 Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an incurable, auto-immune condition that occurs when the body’s own immune system attacks the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. This attack leaves the pancreas with little or no ability to produce insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar. T1D accounts for roughly 10% of the almost 415 million global cases of diabetes, and people with Type 1 are insulin-dependent for life.

At age 33, the first thing I remembered after being diagnosed was that I had two options: I could allow it to control my life or find the unbinding courage from within the tragedy; I chose courage.

The next few days were consumed with perplexed emotions, mostly of denial pooled from the self-belief that I could be a rare case and mysteriously cured. I was given a new role and lifestyle as a T1D. I immediately chose to not wear it as a sympathy garment; instead I’d rather refashion how others perceive such a life-altering disorder. Aside from a select group of family and friends that knew of my health struggles, I somehow managed, two days after the news was confirmed, to conduct an on-location photoshoot for my website, Rich in Love Fashion. I knew without a doubt at that moment I had a purpose on earth and found myself more determined to not allow diabetes to hinder my little girl dreams.

We, as a society, have a tendency of suppressing our fears, as mastering those can be difficult and takes large amounts of will and courage to look in the mirror and say, “I will succeed; I can do this!” The relationship between one’s journey of self-growth and courage tends to evoke feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, but allowing such emotions to take center stage is moral injustice. At birth each and every one of us is embedded with a purpose or talent which provides us the blueprints of our life’s story, which must be written and shared. From all of my lessons and blessings, I’ve formed an organic sense of how to live an authentic life that channels pure gratitude and glamour.

Through this I’ve created T1D & Glamourous the first-ever social media campaign to raise diabetes awareness with a message of positivity in the upmost glamour. A diabetic since 2014, I follow the strength of my father a T1D since the age of two. His determination to take control of the illness has shaped my mission and is shared through a number of influential interviews, as seen on my Press page under Television & Radio.

 Join the Campaign for T1D & Glamourous by submitting an image using the hashtag #T1D&G on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram displaying how you bring glamour to diabetes for the chance to be featured here on Rich in Love Fashion. It’s time to break the status quos of negative reactions from diabetes and create something beautiful from it, because there is glamour in every setback. 

Awareness & Education is life saving in the management of diabetes, the following communities:
Healtheo360Beyond Type 1,
Diabetes Alive, JDRF,
Diabetes Connection,
Diabetes Late Nite
all offer useful resources.