A Glamorous Monday Morning in fOO fOO Slippers

middle-1-10-24-2016Glamour never takes a day off, especially when I garnish my fancy feet with the lux fluff of a bespoke mule by fOO fOO Slippers. On a typical Monday morning I greet the day with gratitude as I embrace the moment in a vintage rayon satin bust line slip. After I’ve poured a lovely cup of tea in my grandmother’s personalized gold vintage monogrammed tea cup, I head outside to grab the morning newspaper in the quaint neighborhood which I currently reside.

Feeling the most glamorous in the neighborhood is (of course) due to Rob and Will, the artisan founders of the UK luxury brand, fOO fOO Slippers. Stepping comfortably outside into the cool air and morose skies, I pick up the headlines for the day taking in the calmness of the morning. As a result of being an authentic lady of glamour, I find fOO fOO Slippers to exude a sense of impeccable craftsmanship that is bespoke, yet novel. I was drawn to their marketing campaign which carried such originality, setting their premier brand apart from the others. With a classic scooped wedge heel, soft velvet base and a flirty fluff banded strap, who wouldn’t consider wearing such glamour outside the house?

From an early morning cameo in the neighborhood, I start my day surrounded by timeless memories in front of my 1930’s make-up vanity. Sitting before its solid walnut craftsmanship and large wooden framed mirror, the memory as a child comes to mind.  I would sit before my grandmother’s at the age of eight attempting to apply her red Revlon lipstick only to find it askew. Fond memories such as this are how I prepare for the day ahead. I find no better way than to add the luxury of fOO fOO Slippers into that existence.
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Black Mule with Black Sheepskin Upper c/o fOO fOO Slippers
Vintage WonderMaid Black Nylon Dress Slip Lace Bust  (similar here, here & here)
Morgan Taylor, Gold Rose Satin Robe
Vintage Pearl Earrings (shop my Etsy boutique for similar styles)
Bev Pearl Necklace c/o Coco & Duckie
Personalized “D” Monogram Tea Cup (similar here)
Illustration Created by Fashion Illustrator, Antonio Vilches Serrafull-1-10-24-2016cup-1-10-24-2016ls-1-10-24-2016back-1-1-24-2016rose-1-10-24-2016slippers-10-24-2016ls-2-10-24-2016house-10-24-2016tea-10-24-2016full-2-10-24-2016pearl-10-24-2016middle-2-10-24-2016



A Fond Memory of American Train Travel

full-1-10-17-2016I find the Niles train station to bring such fond memories, an image that never fades. Standing at the train depots boarding gate, as a little girl, with such anticipation, not only for the thought that in less than an hour’s time I’d be in the presence of a gallery of grand art belonging to my grandfather’s artistic family members. On these bi-monthly excursions, I found them all to contain influential conversation on topics which clearly have been the building blocks to my conscious approach in life.

I find myself today intrigued to contemplate a sense of retro glamour centering my ensemble with these historic Scotland patterned houndstooth pumps in combination with my grandmother’s weathered sheer chiffon scarf. Both pieces present a nostalgic reflection to what was once seen as the romance of train travel.

The 1950’s had gifted women a chic approach to travel from vintage train cases, chiffon scarfs, a cinch waist and lady-like gloves. Accenting with the right accessories is a key element for daytime travel and I’ve found recurring success with an elegant vintage-inspired double-breasted sheath by Tatyana. In such a dress Hollywood actress, Sophia Loren comes to mind with her impeccable style for travel as seen throughout her ongoing film career. Train travel is remembered with fashion consisting of a burlap deco covered suitcase paired with the delicate touch of a pair of vintage pearl earrings, cotton day-wear gloves, and a white gold framed handbag.

Trains go where cars cannot: into canyons, along rivers, through mountains, and into town centers. So much about train travel is visionary. Imagine the early 20th century engineers who saw no obstacle to laying 153 miles of track out to the ocean. While I step onto the wooden deck today my eyes meet the vanishing point, where the glistening iron rails seemed to merge. The thought of my grandfather’s memory approaches with a sentimental sense of travel that will never be lost.

In loving memory of Robert “Red” Alexander (1916 -2007) a man who truly was my strength and anchor in learning the fundamentals of immeasurable success & character – Happy Birthday Grandpa, there isn’t a day that passes where I don’t practice your teachings.
Tatyana Boutique Double-Breasted Sheath
Vintage Sheer Silk Scarf, Doris Alexander (similar here)
Pearl Earrings with Gold Plating (similar here)
White Leather Box Clutch (similar here)
Michael Kors MK Flex Mid Pump (similar in Black here & Houndstooth here)full-2-10-17-2016ls-bnw-10-17-2016full-3-10-16-2016m-1-10-17-2016niles-10-17-2016full-4-10-17-2016ls-2-10-17-2016full-5-10-17-2016ls-3-10-17-2016



A Timeless Brooch on a Quaint Journey

full-1-10-10-2016From time-to-time I choose a timeless brooch to garnish an elegant garment, not only on Rich in Love Fashion, but also in day-to-day life as well. Call me an ‘Old Soul’, if you will. I find jewelry from the 1940s will always be seen more refined than today’s mass produced pieces. Yes, of course one day what I call ‘mass produced’ will to become dated and collect stories of its quaint journey, however they will always lack a rarity of uniqueness.

For this quintessential reason alone I’ve decided to open an online vintage boutique that would house an array of the finest glitz and sparkle dating from the timeless era of the 1940s thru 1960s. Many of these pieces have either been photographed for Rich in Love Fashion, modeled in a worldwide publication or are simply seen as priceless and historic in their nature and scope. Nonetheless, these vintage adornments are still evolving and are all indications that the art of dressing does still exist, being brought forth into today’s current era.

I hope that women of all ages, ethnicities and financial circumstances will take note to embrace a touch of glamour in one form or another. No situation is too great to hinder such a thought. As I mentioned in “Embrace the Unbinding Courage within the Journey” I share how: a setback is a setup for the glamour in life. If I must be diagnosed with such a life fluctuating condition without a cure, I find no better way to live life itself than with a fearless approach in glamour. In tomorrow’s radio segment with Diabetes Late Nite, I’ll be sharing my mind-set of GLAM MORE, FEAR LESS as well as Megan Trainor headlining the show with her thoughts on body image & diabetes.

For those seeking a way to support diabetes in style, please explore my Rich in Love Boutique on Etsy. A portion of each purchase will be donated directly to Beyond Type 1, a highly recognized community investing in a better life for those living with diabetes.
Lindy Bop Twill Sheath (similar here & here)
Glitter Paisley Print Vintage Jacket (similar here & here )
Gold Leaf Earrings & Brooch, similar styles sold on Etsy
Authentic Navy Blue Vintage Handbag & Coach‘Teddi’ Pumps