Femininity in Menswear

Middle 1 8-22-2016It’s a man’s world, at least in mine. When I was growing up in the early 1980s, I was surrounded in a male dominated realm which consisted of strength, masculinity, and determination. My father spent many of his days working as a diligent Engineer with my paternal grandfathers, both entrepreneurs in their established trade. One being a Folk-Art artist and the other an Electrician. Throughout my childhood I watched these men deal with a number of unexpected occurrences, always keeping a mild tempo and collected mindset. By the time I was twenty-three, I had formed a persona that could easily be recognized as a ‘female alpha’ where I would orchestrate a symphony of cross promotion as a social conductor bringing ease to any conversation.

Reminiscing on my first encounter with menswear at the age of fourteen years, I found myself embracing my slender form with my grandfather’s Herringbone wool jacket, quite similar to the one I am shoulder robing here. There is something masculine, yet amatory, with wearing menswear, perhaps it’s the dignified structure, not to mention, the punctuation that this particular style projects. I find it quite funny that most men desire women who are natural in contrast of how women find nothing sexier than a man in a three-piece suit accompanied by a tie and pocket square. In society where a European flair of dressing has been over shadowed by an athleisure motif of a new generation from today’s millennials, there are fewer men dressing to their gentlemen roots.

With a feminine touch from a gathered ruched blouse, the plush touch of a high-waisted velvet pencil skirt, and antiquated splendor from a 1950s pearl encrusted rhinestone brooch creating the perfect marriage between a meticulous craftsmanship of menswear and the classic lady.Stairs 8-22-2016Bag 8-22-2016Window 8-22-2016Full 1 8-22-2016LS 8-22-2016Full 2 8-22-2016Shoes 8-22-2016Back 8-22-2016Details 8-22-2016Sit 8-22-2016
Velvet Pencil Skirt (similar here) // Alexandria, Long Sleeve Ruched Blouse (similar here) // Vintage Herringbone Wool Jacket (similar here & here) // Kate Spade “Laurette” Pumps (similar here) // Vintage Patent Clutch (similar here) // 1950s Pearl & Rhinestone Brooch (similar here & Etsy)



The Luxury of Change

Full 1 8-15-2016At the end of each sentence comes a period, and for some a question mark. You may ponder if this applies to our daily lives and the answer is yes, at least in my opinion it does. Far too many times, we all place a question mark adjoined with the subjective situations that have occurred, where a period should have been placed. I think we all want to justify the actions of others, but in reality some of their actions can’t be affixed and should be taken as a lesson and filtered through the process of letting go. In the past, I would return to the thought of desiring the answers of why had an offense occurred or perhaps become perplexed of the poor words chosen of me, only to discover it carries absolutely no point to do so.

We all have the luxury of change, this is a fact. As I mentioned in a previous post entitled, “Embrace the Unbinding Courage within the Journey” I shared my empowering story of how I‘ve overcome the struggle being diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. The Latin term for Courage translates to “heart”. You’ve heard the timeless idiom of, “Home is where the heart is” which is as vital as, “Your body is your temple”. Our mindset, a powerful thing it is, can be the single component that either leads us to a world of jinxed situations or to a grander level of abundance. There is no doubt that we struggle with insecurities, lack, and at times, failures beyond measure. What we all haven’t taken into account is that we somehow, subconsciously, have done it to ourselves. Not in a matter of self-hate, but in a matter of speaking and even thinking in a vibrational mass that caused the universe to provide that very thought into our existence. The phrase, “Happy wife, happy life” is comparable to “Change your mind, change your life” the point is, change is inevitable and can solely be manifested if you take the proper action towards it. There will never be a better time to change, than now, so what are you waiting for?
It is my personal belief that life continues far beyond the limitation of diabetes. Learn of my personal connection with old Hollywood glamour and how diabetes plays a role in it by viewing my debut article for Beyond Type 1, a website which houses a supportive community of those living with Type 1 diabetes. Please support and join the movement of living beyond this life altering condition.Details 8-15-2016Full 2 8-15-2016Roses 8-15-2016Full 3 8-15-2016Details 2 8-15-2016Clutch 8-15-2016Vineyard 8-15-2016Full 4 8-15-2016LS 8-15-2016Full 5 8-15-2016
Ivory ‘Loretta’ Dress c/o Lady V London // 1940s Miriam Haskell Pearl & Rhinestone Grape Dress Clip (similar here) // Art Deco Inspired Rhinestone Earrings // 1950s Lucite Clear Clutch w/Rhinestones // Brian Atwood Heels 

A Classic Victorian Morning Stroll

M1 8-8-2016This lovely Victorian home was built in 1893 and is today’s backdrop. Having always admired the exuberance of hues used on these historical Victorian Styled homes, brings a sense of pride brought on by its charm and distinctive character. Standing upon its grand architecture, I felt immediately as if I had stepped back in time for a brief moment. The house boasts a whimsical white raised porch complete with original fretwork in a gingerbread style creating such a picture perfect setting for today’s summer-inspired attire.

Your style should never halt due to the hot weather and what better way to showcase glamour than with a cotton-blend asymmetrical ruche bodice dress by Bitter Root Vintage, accompanied by a larger-than-life sun hat from my friends at Carmel Hat Company. As a personal preference I love styling any garment with a vintage brooch, as many of the styles I model are available for purchase through my online Etsy Boutique. A summer style that is both glamorous and authentic wouldn’t be complete without these newly acquired sheer floral lace gloves. I must say, I absolutely adore the fact my red nails are seamlessly showcased bringing a feminine touch to such a delicate design for a summer morning stroll.Full 1 8-8-2016Hat 8-8-2016M 2 8-8-2016M1 BNW 8-8-2016Heels 8-8-2016M 3 8-8-2016Hat 2 8-8-2016Full 2 8-8-2016Brooch 8-8-2016House 8-8-2016Glove 8-8-2016M4 8-8-2016
Bodice Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage //  Carmel Hat Company, Large Brimmed-Sun Hat // Floral Hair Piece c/o Vandalised with Love // Sarahon Vintage Brooch, Etsy // Short Floral Lace Gloves, B & B Consignment & Boutique // BCBG Lace Pointed-Toe Pump, On Sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call


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