Living Life up Here in MARGE

full-1-9-26-2016Most of us inherit traits and mannerisms from our families such as the color of our eyes and the way we perform daily rituals, however fashion designer and founder of MARGE Clothing, Kaersten Cooper inherited profound height and her grandmother, Marjorie Boldt nostalgic talent. Being inspired by her grandmother, a fashion illustrator from the 1930’s and 40’s Kaersten grew up absorbing her qualities and combining these profound talents with her own, leading to her development in later years with a successful luxury clothing line.

After graduating with design, marketing and business studies from UC Davis, Kaersten spent the next two years honing her craft as a designer before building a one-a-kind fashion brand that has gained international acclaim from British Vogue, The Cut, Huffpost Style and Harper Bazaar magazine. She often shares not only through exclusive profiles and brand interviews on her grandmother being the foremost influence for her design process; her garments share a similar story.

“She was the ultimate female role model for me and always encouraged me to embrace my differences such as height. She told me it was a gift, a blessing and told me that clothes can fit you in a way that won’t fit other women. I look fondly at her teachings. She not only inspired the brand, she inspired me to embrace my elevated perspective every day.” – Kaersten Cooper, MARGE Clothing.

There is something empowering about Marge Clothing and her Ivory Crepe Pleated Naja Skirt, perhaps it’s the fact that there is no other brand which solely carters luxury wear for the tall woman. As a tall woman myself, I believe that MARGE is the answer for well-curated pieces that will not only expand ones wardrobe also enhancing a classic, yet feminine aesthetic. Find Life Up Here with MARGE and begin to elevate your perspective on timeless staples which complements your lifestyle.full-2-9-26-2016ls-1-9-26-2016full-3-9-26-2016creek-9-26-2016full-4-9-26-2016detail-9-26-2016m-1-9-26-2016full-5-9-26-2016creek-2-9-26-2016full-6-9-26-2016
Bobeau Long Sleeve Contrast Bow Blouse, (on sale in-store at Nordstrom) // Naja Ivory Crepe Pleated skirt c/o MARGE Clothing // Vintage Millinery & Authentic 1950s  Leather Clutch // Ivanka Trump, Camara Jeweled Pointed Pumps (similar here & here)

A Sense of European Flair in Hermès

full-1-9-19-2016Alongside a large tidal lagoon in the center of Oakland, just east of Downtown lies the historic Madison-Lake Apartments of 1927 – better known today as Hotel Merritt. A historian at heart for grand architecture I find the San Francisco bay area bestows a nostalgic era when detail was as intricate as the garments worn. Embracing centuries of history that towers before me, I reflect on its true essence of hotel luxury living and Art Deco craftsmanship.

Standing at the main entrance that consists of a pastel terra-cotta facade, a sense of autumn is felt with the addition of a vintage Hermes Wool Houndstooth Pencil Skirt. This classic 1950s design hits below the knee with pockets at the hips and a pleated waist which is complimented with a crew-neck button-up cardigan. Accessorizing these essential fall staples with the beauty of a Brown Aurora Borealis rhinestone brooch and matching earrings both convey a beauty of their own. To complete such luxury I paired a City of Paris millinery design originally purchased by Lucy Sandoval at the Montgomery and Sutter location in San Francisco during 1930s. Today’s style is the epitome of versatility for the transition into the autumn season.middle-1-9-19-2016full-2-9-19-2016hotel-1-9-19-2016sit-9-19-2016full-3-9-19-2016ls-9-19-2016detail-9-19-2016m-bnw-9-19-2016full-4-9-19-2016Vintage Hermes Green Purple Wool Houndstooth Long Pencil Skirt (similar here & here) // Halogen Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan // Brown Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Brooch & Earrings (similar here) // Millinery, City of Paris Department Store // Patent Accessories & Kate Spade Pumps (similar here, here & here)

A Vertigo Chase

Middle 1 9-12-2016Isn’t it funny in life, how we chase others for validation? The question is why do we look to someone else to fulfill our deepest voids, well in my opinion, it’s rooted simply by fear. This state-of-mind is a crippling agent creating an impulse which in return seeks a form of unnecessary false need of control. For a moment think of this, how did the ‘greats’ meet massive success? Of course, they faced failure as that is clearly a fundamental to self-growth and success. However, after reading a number of their empowering life stories they all charted to clearly stand out above the masses. As I mentioned in, The Luxury of Change, change is inevitable and only be manifested if we take the proper action towards achieving it.

I’ve learned over the past years as a consultant and published writer that there is a time to chase after a prospect and people in general. In my personal life I’ve met thousands, if not more, all with a personal goal of benefiting their business or well-being. We must ask ourselves before engaging with others what is the end goal, as the result is still a concept unknown and can’t be rationalized. Too many times we all (as I have fallen victim in the past) look at our emotions to drive us through the process of decision-making. This form of frivolous way of thinking creates a sense of urgency to begin the chase; we feel we need this prospect, person or brand, but in reality, they may need us more than we need them. We all come with great value as much as the activities we perform, it clearly depends on how you invest your time that determines your fate.

Now I’ve come to realize when you stop chasing people or even the fictional thoughts of “what if” and begin to stand still in faith you will then attract the value you are truly destined to have in your life. I find this shift in mind-set possesses such meaning and perseverance changing all you knew the very minute you realize you no longer need to prove your value to others. The question is when will you start the transition of letting go to the pointless chase within your life?Full 9-12-2016Details 9-12-2016Back 9-12-2016Bridge 9-12-2016Middle 2 9-12-2016LS BNW 9-12-2016Full 2 9-12-2016Tree 9-12-2016Full 3 9-12-2016
1960s L.C. Maes Globetrotter Trench Coat (similar here, here & here) // EXPRESS Short Sleeve Turtleneck Dress (similar here & here) // Vintage Suede Handbag, Chiffon Scarf & Lady-Like Gloves, Doris Alexander // Pearl Studded Earrings (similar here) Nude Patent Pointy Toe Pump (similar here) // Custom Make-up c/o Belleci Cosmetics