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  1. Hi Doris, I’m not sure if you remember me, Karista Bennett, but I think you did some work with Danny de la Cruz and VRAI Magazine a while back. I thought of you as we moved and I found two really lovely 1940-50’s sweaters with fur trim that belonged to one of my aunts. I have no need for them and I have no idea what to do with them, would you want them? I’m happy to send them to you. I can send you photos of the sweaters. They are in excellent condition, and look new. One is ivory with ivory fur lapel and the other is beige with a chocolate brown fur lapel. Both have pearl and crystal button accents on the wrist and fasteners in front. If this is something you can’t use, would you know who might enjoy them? I don’t want to sell them, I want to give them to someone who would love them. Thanks so much! Karista

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