Share Pure Wine this Holiday

With the holidays upon us sharing wine hasn’t become more important than now, particularly wines that are natural.

For the holidays this year, why not share wine that are pure, low-sugar and diabetic friendly. My friends at Dry Farm Wines are offering both a one-time or membership opportunity for you to send 3, 6 or 12 bottles as a one-time order of reds, whites, or both. Send the ones you love a little holiday cheer with Dry Farm Wines.

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Dark Side of Love

Have you ever loved someone more than you did yourself and found from within a sorrow that ached deep down? If you have, you’ve experienced the dark side of love.

Many will say we attract these dark relationships, however I highly disagree that anyone solely attracts a grandiose narcissist into their life. You may disagree and challenge this by saying, “but Doris you said, what you want, wants you” and yes that is correct. I believe when you are spiritually connected to a higher source you have the tendency to appeal to those that are broken.

Take risks with faith, not fear

Cleo Wade

When I look back to the past I see those that I attracted where from broken families, experienced a troublesome childhood which included being bullied, psychological stress or in one specific connection a reflection of selfishness and entitlement. Through each connection I discovered something about myself and in many cases staying longer than the expiration date, which in return tested my mental strength. There is a time to be strong and a time to surrender your ego and take a risk through faith.

Twenty twenty has been the reset that a number of us were in need of, a year of purging friendships, past relationship wounds and current toxic connections. While many will say this year has been a loss, I find it to be the opposite. Spending several months forced to reflect in solitude has given those who took advantage of this to take a long hard look at who they are which in return has gifted new direction. From all I have been learned this year I know this to be true, when it’s time to leave, leave in faith and never in fear.

Photography c/o J Lee Photo Studio


A Touch of Beauty

At the youthful age of 38 (soon to be 39 this November) I am in a personal stage where I am not only trying to prevent wrinkles, but also fading those that exist. Throughout my modeling career I have always focused on my forehead. It wasn’t until I was at a networking event, I made a comment to a bountiful woman sitting across from me about how young she looked. She said her secret at the age of 52 was POND’S REJUVENESS ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM in addition to drinking plenty of water. Do I dare say what I did the next day?

From having skin that is extremely sensitive which will often break out when using unfamiliar products, I am very cautious of what I place on my skin. I typically will start on a small part near my forehead then with each day of no reaction I’ll increase the amount used. After a single usage of POND’S I saw no skin irritation or reddish, rather my skin felt moisturized and youthful. From using it for over the two-weeks as it direction I’ve noticed a difference in my skin texture, as seen in the image below for my partnership with Girlfriend Box.

Overall, I feel the product achieved what it says it would do, and because of my sensitive skin I am impressed. I have since incorporated it into my skin routine and have also recommended it to others to try it for flawless results. I also wanted to note, that although we should spare no expense when it comes to our skin, POND’S Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream comes at a great price point.

For those of you that are interested in learning how you can pre-schedule your custom created Girlfirend Box for your special someone, I invite you to click here to learn more.

Vintage Red Wool Blazer, similar sold at Macy’s (here)
Bustier Bra (here), Jewelry c/o Girlfriend Box
Face CHANEL, Lipstick Maybelline
Nails, Red Carpet Manicure Face Cream POND’S
Photos c/o J Lee Photo Studio