The Beauty of Power

There will be moments in your life when you will be asked to take a journey into the unknown. Moments when nobody will be there to hold your hand and walk your path with you. And when that happens, you must stand in your power. Its when you find yourself becoming awakened spiritually, you are able to see and receive the signs that the universe is providing you.

For those awakened they have a mindset of – everything is happening FOR YOU, rather than TO YOU. Obstacles will arise for us all; it is inevitable so by having the inner power to reframe your mindset with cognitive reappraisal you can then use your obstacles to your advantage. In return you will view them as lessons and blessings.

“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do.”

You may not realize this, by saying ‘yes’ to everything when you should be saying ‘no’ is one way you quickly distance yourself from your authentic truth and personal power. Unfortunately, many do it to gather love or approval of those around them staying in situations that are simply based out of convenience not love. We wear the guilt and pain from the one we are seeking validation from and these partnerships become over time toxic and unhealthy causing a severe imbalance.

When we choose to enable the poor behavior of others we are making the sound choice to give our power away. What if we started to use logic rather than our emotions, would we have experienced as much heartbreak? The answer is, most likely not. We all have karmic debt that must be paid and as we move through life with conscious awareness we take our power back knowing what is meant for us, will come back to us right.

Vintage Bill Berman California Sweetheart Dress 
Vintage Rhinestone Necklace, similar here.
Sam Edelman Pumps
Foundation CHANEL, Lipstick Maybelline Nails, Red Carpet Manicure
Photography c/o Laurie Rockwell


Protected in White Lace

Spring is in full bloom, so why not wear a mask that exudes elegance? While the CDC still advises us to wear a face covering to slow the spread of COVID-19 I find wearing one by Wearable Masks to be the only option.

Face coverings (to some) may still feel like an unusual addition to their daily routines because of the way they conceal ones smile, however the level of protection is priceless. A style note you might opt for is seeking a pattern or print that suits your personal aesthetic or outfit as I did in today’s post. I paired their white “Lacey” with one of my beloved 1950s wool sheath with a vintage floral rhinestone brooch and studded earrings. I finished the overall look off with shiny patent accessories. I created an outfit that not only protects, it showcases elegance and grace.

When covid-19 hit, our opportunity to raise money through in person events was no longer viable and we wanted to find a new way to support the community which led us to a partnership with Wearable Masks. We are thankful to have found an incredible partner with Wearable Masks in the quality of the product and our aligned values.

Laurie Rockwell, of The League Sports

For those not familiar with Wearable Mask, they are a San Francisco based female, minority & disabled-veteran owned small business that has donated 30,000+ masks (since April 2020) to non-profit organizations, hospitals & clinics, homeless shelters, churches and low income families. Their wide array of styles, prints and colors create an effortless experience for anyone searching for a mask that protects and is stylist.

For all masks sold on the fundraiser page with The League Sports, 100% of net profits to 2 charitable organizations will be donated (The Color of Change & The Rainbow World Fund). If you purchase one mask, another mask will be donated to a local organization in need. Additionally, for every TLS “Gold Standard” mask purchased they will match an additional $1 for $1 of the net proceeds. 
Photography c/o Laurie Rockwell
Face Mask c/o Wearable Masks™

Protection from Above

“It starts with you” stated my spirituality mentor, “Anything that comes along from now on and moving forward.” This was the moment I had to realize that I was standing in my own way of greatness in love and life. I knew all I could do now was to face the inevitable change.

We have all been in that predicament where we knew we deserved better, but we held on longer than needed because we thought in our minds that the person, situation or thing, would one day change. Unfortunately, that day never comes, and you find yourself waiting and waiting for absolutely the same scenario to play out the same each day. When this happened to me I began to think to myself, was I fighting a resistance of a higher source? Was I being protected from what wasn’t meant for me? Is it my turn to trust?

Whoever is willing to sacrifice his life for God
will always be under His protection

Isn’t it funny when things don’t go as we had hoped they would, we instantly become the victim rather than be thankful. I see many situations in life as black or white less often grey. While you might want to justify others actions and not see it for what it truly is you really only have two options. You can move forward with the peace that comes from accepting that the outcome is out of your hands, through surrendering to something much bigger. Or you can again play the victim card and fight what you are being protected from. We need to remember that even when circumstances are beyond your control, life often works out just fine, and sometimes even better than you could have imagined and that is the power of being protected.

Frederic Harvey Wool Jacket & Suit Set.
Pearl Necklace, here. Pearl Earrings, here.
Foundation CHANEL, Lipstick Maybelline Nails, Red Carpet Manicure
Photography c/o Laurie Rockwell