Foliage of Change

As many of us start to embrace the new uncertainties in the world we once knew, we all will find it will be viewed through everyone’s lens conversely. I have always been a IMG_5264visionary seeing the world I have created for myself, not the world I live in. It all starts with us, our thoughts and vision.

Today, I still view the world I’ve created before it was interrupted. Instead of living in fear I know that I am protected through my mindset and daily choices. I spoke recently on Dose of Doris regarding the topic that we are provided our mind at no cost and how many of us pollute our subconscious with the things that will not further us on our spiritual journeys.

“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” Albert Einstein

Through this hardship we have all experienced, it truly has been a reset button for us to place in perspective what has or hasn’t been serving our higher self. I’ve had to come to terms in my personal life with cycles that needed to end because they’ve run their course. Everyday life is revealing itself through numbers, incidents and the inner action with others.

Allow yourself to be open to change and only can you peel one layer off at a time. If you can keep your heart and mind open for change your future holds many abundances. The world truly is a beautiful place if you allow it to be. HeaderF1_____________________________
Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage (here & here). Cat-Eyed Sunglasses.
Brian Atwood Pumps (similar here). Accessories, Etsy.
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The Captain, The Mentor

What does a leader look like? For me it’s an induvial that is admired and respect from many as well as loathed from others. Despite the reaction that is deciphered this great IMG_4903leader still carries on the orders that are needed to fulfill the objective on hand.

Inspired by the classic phrase “If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work another day in your life,” I’ve had an Entrepreneur mind-set for as long as I can remember. As a young child I began with my grandfather, Robert Alexander a shipwright of 60 years at Crowley & Company of Oakland. He was a driven man and had the spirit of entrepreneurship at the age of 16, this was something never taught (in my opinion) it was all he knew. Today on location at the 9th Ave. Terminal I honor him by wearing his Greek Fishman Hat that he worn on his visits to the San Francisco Estuary.

“Every ship needs a captain. The crew is important but the captain steers everything. You need to have a clear vision to lead.”

What we all need to realize we are all maturing entrepreneurs in one way or another, whether we own a small business, have grand plans for starting one or just enjoy daydreaming about the day when we will – creativity it’s a manifestation that will unfold for each and every one of us. While I’ve spent nearly a decade focusing on the choices to make outside of my work hours, my grandfather would say, “If you love what you do, don’t ever hesitate to seize the moment.” A true quote from a Captain, a Mentor. Full1BuildingDetailFull2_____________________________
Dress c/o All Things Vintage. Greek Fisherman Hat.
Sam Edelman, Danna Pumps. Accessories, Etsy.
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On March 7th, I had the incredible privilege of attending CAL SHAKES 2020 GALA at Yoshi Oakland. Having been personally invited by John Collins of Neiman Marcus, I could CalShakesGala2020-2227have not been more honored to attend.

The dress code was formal attire and I couldn’t resist visiting the lovely ladies at All Things Vintage where they styled me in an exquisite 1930’s style evening gown with bustle and train. Paired with a three-piece vintage rhinestone set, patent clutch and designer heels – I felt like a Shakespearean aristocrat to say the least.

During the event I had the chance to catch up with David Nicolls of Coravin where we shared a few laughs during cocktail hour and may I say he always gets best dressed, such a classic man. From the moment I arrived on the red carpet (image seen on my IG story, now archived  under events) it was a feeling I now yearn for. As many of you already know it was approximately two-weeks after the gala the world was hit with COVD–19, a respiratory illness which in return has created a global pandemic on a level we haven’t seen since 1919.

 “Cal Shakes seeks to both teach and learn through our art—not simply about the theater but about our world.” 

During the event I had the chance to speak briefly with Eric Ting, Artistic Director & Sarah Williams, Managing Director for Cal Shakes and their excitement and passion for recreating classical theater for the 21st century is truly inspiring. Their dedication for the arts and mission of MAKE, LEARN, ENGAGE nurtures the cultural arts in a way that is very much needed in today’s society and communities.

Recently Eric and Sarah shared an update since the shelter-in-place order, you can find this by visiting their blog, here. My heart goes out to them both and those who have found hardship from the recent occurrences. Today we can support the arts and the future of Cal Shakes by making a donation of any amount.
Please visit donate.calshakes.org today to make a difference.

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 Photography c/o of Jay Yamada & Rozie Kennedy