Vintage Tweed in Summer

Typically, tweed is known as the ultimate autumn fabric which looks like it belongs in your great grandfather’s wardrobe. This unbeatable fabric is elegant, practical, exquisitely colored and greatly versatile, bringing an appearance of rugged chic to your style.

Tweed_1This fabric is not only comfortable, it subtly can be paired with arrange of contradictory patterns and fabrics as well. The question you might have is how you should wear such a masculine fabric choice. It’s quite simple, think outside of the box with a lady-like floral pattern and crisp summer tones such as ivory, white or cream.

The heavier patterns and fabrics should be carried on top with the lighter choices on bottom, it presents less invasive matter. I would also suggest pairing it with all feminine accessories that are simple yet larger in size, with today’s outfit pearls are used perfecting a sleek black leather clutch.Tweed_DetailsTweed_2Tweed_2_BWFrederic Harvey Wool Jacket. Banana Republic Floral Bow Blouse (Similar here). Faux Pearl Earrings  (similar here). Pearl Brooch (similar here). Beauty c/o Belleci Cosmetics, ASP ‘Reveal Everything Red’ Gel Polish. MAC ‘Chili‘ Matte Lipsticks. Photography by rf_fisher_photography.


Proportion in Design

The most essential experience created by architecture is in its structure. Architecture presents the drama of construction silenced into matter, space and light. Ultimately, architecture is the art of design and proportion.

487A9106Design is a part of everyone’s life, we live, construct and create life in the art of architecture. The aspects of all design effect our lives, however the similarities to architecture and fashion, as I believe are many. Both have a grace or in better terms “stance”.

When an architect is in the thought plane, they often will sketch their design on paper from a vision created; the same goes for a fashion designer. Having experienced the avant garde of the design world I find it true that design is functional and regarded far from plain or uninteresting. Regardless of its appeal to a certain audience, buildings and clothing are both designed by someone. Decisions have been made regarding the proportions, material selections, and use.041019AIASFHerbst_001During this year’s AIA San Francisco Design Awards held at the War Memorial Theater inside the historical Green Room, Bay Area individuals and organizations were recognized for their outstanding achievements in Architecture and design. The program serves to inform the public of the scope and value of architectural practice.

A few highlighted award honorees were Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP for the Monterey Conference Center, The Amador Apartments in Oakland by jones | haydu and the historic preservation of the Lodge at the Presidio with Architectural Resources Group. For the entire list of winners please click here.

Design of all mediums is something we all can appreciate. Whether it is fashion, architecture, art, graphic design, etc., we can cross-pollinate almost anything to create something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 487A9108Images c/o Dirk Wyse Photography


Beautifully Noted

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a brilliant musical performance in Oakland and couldn’t resist wearing this white satin sheath by Lady Vintage London. An elegant dress from their bridal collection that is absolutely beautiful for all occasions.

With the weather rather unpredictable these past weeks, I thought it be best to top my shoulders with my namesakes’ label less mint wool coat. Having seen my grandmother in several images wearing this same coat I felt a warmth that was beautifully noted.

An admirer of glitz and glamour, as many of you already know. I couldn’t resist pairing such a dress with a shimmering pearl embossed bracelet and matching choker. Due to the set not having identical earrings I substituted a rhinestone that had similar attributes. The contrasting textures, shades and shapes brilliantly complemented the ivory beaded scallop hinged handbag in-hand. DetailsF1F2M1Lady Vintage London Bridal Dress. Vintage Mint Wool Coat (Similar here). Rhinestone Crawler (similar here). Beauty c/o Belleci Cosmetics, OPI ‘Big Apple Red‘ Nail Polish. MAC ‘Chili‘ Matte Lipsticks. Brian Atwood Patent Pumps. Photography by rf_fisher_photography.


Paperless Post specializes in designing customizable online cards, invitations, and flyers that reflect your personal style — for weddings, holidays, birthdays, and other meaningful events.PP1I’m always on a lookout for innovated ways to present upcoming events which in return easily translate into beautiful, effortless and efficient pieces of art. You can only imagine how delighted it was for me to test out Paperless Post a card store + a digital invitation service all under one media platform.

I tried it out by sending a personal thank you note, and then set up an invitation for a gathering. I found my experience to be enjoyable and user friendly for anyone from a novice to pro personalizing down to the last detail came with ease.

You might not be aware that Paperless Post is a free service with many complimentary designs, but to personalize with certain upgrades, it does require the purchase of coins. They do have several free designs and you can send a free card up to 2000 emails for free. pp_2.pngFor example, my card was free, but I personalized the background, the envelope liner, the envelope color and the font, also adding a little graphic. To send that one card with all those upgrades cost 5 coins. However, to test it out to its full extent, I did so on purpose, and might have went a bit far. I do think many of the free designs are plenty sufficient say if you sent 200 “save the dates“.

Over all Paperless Post’s website is easy to navigate, clean, beautiful and enjoyable to peruse. Free to join, free to send (without the upgrades & limited emails as mentioned above), and definitely free to set up gatherings. Show your friends your style easily! I highly recommend Paperless Post to anyone looking to send something special and I look forward to sending more cards and invites!


Early Days of Spring

During the early days of Spring, the weekend is where I find myself embracing the beauty that has been overlooked from the hustle of another work week.

For spring this year, prints and patterns flatter the most precious silhouettes, I find this versatile crepe midi dress by Eliza J to provide just the right amount of floral for the changing season. Paired with a yellow gold freshwater pearl strand bracelet matching earrings and retro cat-eyed sunglasses, it’s time for a weekend getaway in bloom.

SP_1SP_3SP_2HouseSP_4SP_5SP_6Eliza J Floral Midi Dress. Vintage Faux Crocodile Hat Luggage Bag.  Beauty, Belleci Cosmetics. Lips, MAC Cosmetics. Nails, Rossario George.  Heels, Cole Haan (similar here & here). Photography by rf_fisher_photography



The Journey Begins


M LS1Have you ever realized that any journey starts with just one step then with the next and so on? A person’s journey begins with a thought, a vision then the daily practice of action to create the result. The steps taken, will often contain a dose of uncertainty and fear taking us through doors to the next level of achievements that await us.

For those of you that have followed me for the past six years have seen me start from humble beginnings, just a young woman thriving to be her authentic self to fashioning not only a name within the industry but more importantly a message that exudes passion and positivity, Every set back is the set up for the glamour in life ™.

For many they may see glamour is an illusion, a form of mystery revealing a fragile state that changes with time. Glamour, from my perspective is the journey that surrounds us from all facets of our lives. I will openly admit I am not perfect but like every woman, I strive to create elegance by choosing clothing, accessories and the proper mind-set that enhances my future and the next door I will enter.

Years from now, ingénues, fashion mavens, and fashionistas may perceive my journey and image as an inspiration that can be seen beneath any particular garment or accessory I have ever fashioned to the current era. My love for the historic implementation which surrounds the dated architecture of a bygone era, a label-less garment made of materials held together with a story, and the authentic, yet poetic messages I write and speak are all sincere expressions of my personal courage to succeed.F1doors.jpg
BW F2DetailsF3M 3Bettie Page Clothing “Cristina Dress” c/o Dee Foreman. Vintage Pearl Brooch & Rhinestone Earrings (similar here & here). Vintage City of  Paris Millinery. Beauty, Face Belleci Cosmetics, Lips, Hickey Lipstick, Nails, Rossario George. Heels, Kate Spade (similar here & here). Photography by rf_fisher_photography


Uncork California Wine Club


IMG_9839aWorking within the wine industry I find myself able to experience a fruitful array of prominent wineries any time, however what if you don’t have this same privilege? The solution is rather simple, you become a member with California Wine Club and get what you exactly want.

With each delivery, you’ll discover a prominent assortment of wines from all reds to a healthy mixture of two or four bottles. You can decide if you want to receive deliveries monthly, every-other-month or quarterly. California Wine Club (CWC) memberships are accompanied by a 100% guarantee, if you aren’t satisfied with the wine selected you are welcomed to either your money back or a new bottle. You’ll find with each club shipment CWC latest issue of Uncorked, a monthly newsletter featuring your month’s wine selection.

The club offers five levels starting with their Premier, Signature, International, Aged Cabernet and Pacific Northwest. The California Wine Premier Club includes two bottles of award-winning wine from small California wineries, as the International Series provides two bottles of handcrafted wines from around the world, mostly reds. The Aged Cabernet Series is accompanied by two bottles of finely aged Napa Valley Cabernets recommended by the Robb Report. Finally, for those who adore wines from Oregon and Washington the Pacific Northwest membership provides you one white and red wine that are from small award-winning wineries.IMG_9843Delivered to me this month were two prestigious wine labels from their Signature Series, a 2014 Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from Corley Family’s Monticello Vineyards in addition to Comartin Cellars 2014 Santa Ynez Valley Cuvee Cassidy GSM. What I enjoyed most about getting each bottle was learning the wineries history, aromas, case production and hold time. All these key notes where listed in their Monthly Uncorked Newsletter.

I find the California Wine Club would appeal to an array of different wine lovers due to its accessibility of wineries, blends and labels. The club is a fantastic way to discover wines that you wouldn’t find in stores, perhaps you could call them hidden gems.
Wine c/o California Wine Club & Photography by rf_fisher_photography


Glamour & Grace in Leopard

An essential for my daily glamour and style is provided by Bitter Root Vintage, a well curated vintage-inspired retailer that specializes in 1940s and 50s era styled dresses and accessories.brv 1-2019 f1Vintage dresses possess such an elegant alluring image inspiring one to relive such an era of sophistication with the utmost grace. Finding a practical vintage-inspired dress for an upcoming social event or dinner for two, may present itself as a task until now with Bitter Root Vintage.

My official debut with the online boutique launched in January 2015 with their Blue Sapphire Lace Dress (here). In that post I shared my experience from unwrapping something so special that words couldn’t describe. Carole, the owner of Bitter Root Vintage prides her business with exceptional and personalized client care. Which comes in the form of handwritten letters and an occasional black & white photograph completed with a satin bow.leopard heels 1-2019From this introduction I’ve worn dozens of her dresses for premium San Francisco Fashion Shows, Wine tasting experiences in Napa, UK millinery collaborations and several television interviews. However, the dress that holds dear to my heart came on June 6, 2016 shortly after I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic titled, “Embrace the Unbinding Courage within the Journey”

In this post I shared the journey of my diagnosis and how it forever changed my life in ways I couldn’t explain. Feeling oh so lovely and strong while I stood on an abandoned train deck I couldn’t be more blessed to be wearing such a dress from such a beautiful woman. I am thankful to Carole for her support through my diabetics journey. Owning pieces that are authentic vintage in combination to designs from Bitter Root Vintage truly bring life to an era gone by with glamour and grace.
brv 1-2019 m2brv 1-2019 m1brv 1-2019

Bitter Root Vintage, Tiny Steps Sheath. 1960s L.C. Maes Globetrotter Trench Coat (similar here, here & here). Sam Edelman ‘Hazel‘ Pumps. Vintage accessories (similar here, here & here). Beauty c/o Cover FX. The Perfect Red c/o Hickey Lipstick. Photo Credit: rf_fisher_photography.


Holiday Cheer with FitVine Wine


IMG_3450Those with diabetes (like myself) may often run into social dilemmas of being offered a glass of wine, leaving many to wonder, “What is the protocol for drinking wine when you have diabetes?”. How much is too much, what types are healthier and why.

Wine consumption is still seen today as a sophisticated experience even for those who struggle with diabetes. While some will contend that drinking alcohol in combination of being a diabetic isn’t the healthiest choice, however many will find several health benefits from doing so. Medical studies have linked wine to lowering blood pressure and higher HDL (“good”) cholesterol, better insulin sensitivity, and a reduced risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Perhaps a glass of wine shouldn’t be overlooked when there are brands such as FitVine. With 5 wine choices: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Rose, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Prosecco and a special Holiday Red Blend which all have less sugar, sulfites, carbs and calories. IMG_3464FITVINE WINE “about” section:
“Resveratrol, polyphenols and proanthocyanidins are found in higher concentrations in grape skins from grapes grown in higher, cooler elevations. Resveratrol is a member of a group of plant compounds called polyphenols. These compounds are thought to have antioxidant properties, protecting the body against the kind of damage linked to increase risk for conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Resveratrol is found in the skin of the grape. Our wines can have up to 10x higher levels of Resveratrol than other wines.
Our grapes are grown in higher places such as here in the Sierra foothills above 2000′ elevation. Wines made from grapes from this area and elevation aid in the strength and concentration of beneficial compounds compared to warmer weather grapes. Our answer to this is a minimum of 10 day, extended whole cluster fermentation for maximum skin and seed contact.”IMG_3442IMG_3436I enjoyed the rich, bold decadent blend of black fruits, dark raspberry and chocolate it’s full body of robust favor hits the palette with a smooth taste with medium acidity and long legs. I felt it was well-balance right out of the bottle with little no decanting time. From the typically 5-ounce glass of wine that have approximately 120 calories I found the fact that FitVine only have an average of 3.0 carbs to be the healthier choice moving forward this holiday season.

Connect with FitVine Wine by visiting Twitter, Facebook, IG & Online at: FitVineWine.com


The Beauty of Wool

F1November is such an inspiring calendar month, aside from it honoring diabetes awareness it showcases vibrant colors from one of my favorite months Fall. For a casual day downtown, I found myself enjoying lunch at Cap’s Oak Street Bar & Grill a historic restaurant. The elegant dinning room of 1963 resembles an era gone by, taking you instantly back in time.

This wool dress can be easily worn without the millinery hat and vintage glove, however don’t you agree they both create a look a lady should accessorize with? Perhaps for those that aren’t completely sold on mirroring this entire look try purchasing these similar styled dresses here, here & here. I would certainly accessorize with a glitzy rhinestone brooch or a comparable earring set. Style is what you create, it doesn’t come from a page in a magazine it stems from the individual’s vision for what they see as beauty.F2 D4M5F7Frederic Harvey Wool Dress (similar here & here). Amber Rhinestone Brooch (similar here). Velvet trim Millinery Hat and Leather Gloves found on Etsy. Beauty c/o Cover FX. MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Lipstick. Photo Credit: rf_fisher_photography.


Inspire * Dream * Hope with Delany Blue


11_11 M1From Diabetes to Glamour, I have never lost sight on my spiritual journey.

It was a day that would forever alter the path of my entire life.

Laying with my arms against my sides in a cold, impersonal emergency room wearing little more than a tattered gown I felt exposed and vulnerable, while the Emergency physician delivered the diagnosis.

I am a Type 1 Diabetic.

My eyes closed with tears forming. I knew I didn’t want to wear it as a sympathy garment; instead I knew I’d rather refashion how others perceive such a life-altering disorder.

But little did I know that feeling of being exposed and vulnerable and receiving my diagnosis would end up being the fuel and the fire for wonderful things to come. Pouring myself into my passion for fashion I became globally known as “The Glamorous Diabetic” focusing on bridging the world of MEDIA and LUXURY to create memorable branding experiences.

I shared publicly on June 6th 2016 my unbinding courage within my journey as a Type 1 Diabetic. After it’s release, I was astonished of the positive comments and support that I was given. At that very moment I knew I could no longer approach life with a lack mindset I would need to play BIG and share this with the world.11_11_MeterEach year in honor of World Diabetes Day I partner with a non-profit organization, TV show or media publication to share education and awareness. This year I’ve chosen to collaborate with Delany Blue Wine. Launched in November 2015 during National Diabetes Awareness Month, Delaney Blue Sauvignon Blanc was created for the purpose of raising funds for Life-Changing Research. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to support the beautiful girl behind the bottle, Delaney Friend.

Today roughly 415 million individuals are diagnosed globally and is expected to reach 592 Million in 2035. Isn’t it time we retire the stigma of diabetes and adopt new levels of awareness? Please join me this year in partnership with Delaney Blue Wine to support diabetes research by purchasing a bottle of their 2017 Delaney Blue Sauvignon Blanc. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to diabetes research.
11_11_M2Remember together we can Inspire * Dream * Hope

Pretty Pencil Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage. Vintage Rhinestone Brooch (similar here, here & here). Wine c/o Delaney Blue Sauvignon Blanc. Beauty c/o Cover FX. MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Lipstick. RG Beauty ‘Hera Red‘ Nail Polish. Photographer Jason Lee


A Coco Chanel Moment


M-1Sometimes I feel like my life has been a never-ending fashion exhibit of glamour and grace. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to experienced countless fashion productions, private designer showings and red-carpet events wearing truly rare assortment of dress designs by Ports 1961, Tom Ford and Oscar De La Renta.

However, what excites me more than anything is when I garnish myself in an elegant design made in the 1950’s. From France labels, House of Hartwig to the U.S.Miss Elliette, it’s something about these styles that makes me shine bright, inside and out.F-1M-2DetailsF-2Coco Chanel Inspired Tweed Blazer (similar here & here). Crystal & Pearl Brooch (here & here). Le Kilt Cream Crepe Skirt. Cole Hann Amela Pumps. Beauty c/o Cover FX. MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Lipstick. OPI ‘Big Apple Red’ Nail Polish. Photo Credit: rf_fisher_photography.