There comes a time in everyone’s life to move on, from outdated patterns, habits and even versions of oneself.

I am one that is very familiar with the the process of transformation as my entire life has been a series of deaths and rebirth (figural speaking) with the last two years being pivotal in my soul’s evolution. 

Nothing will ever prepare you for the journey of finding home, however it is a personal quest that will have you feeling a sense of safety, a feeling of returning home. The question I’ve often had is, why did this spiritual journey feel like home? The only thing I continuously find myself aligning with is that the soul always wins. 

For me this meant becoming one with God never feeling separated knowing when I walk, he walks too. It also dealt with me discovering the internal god that is inside of me and sitting in stillness with that part that many of us often neglect. Through this I have experienced a spiritual resonance, where I have vibrated on a level that has allowed me to access a deep healing within my soul? 

Some of us have homes. And some of us have a spiritual home. A place where the soul soars, a deep and calm presence is surrendered to, and fear no longer exists. Some of us are blessed to return home. 

Vintage Gold Dress, similar styles found on Etsy
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Foundation CHANEL, Lipstick MAC Cosmetics 
Nail PolishRed-Carpet Manicure
Images as seen in Retro Lovely Magazine
Location c/o Charleen Earley, Brentwood CA

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