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More Than Enough

The traumas we experience in childhood act as triggers that bring past-life memories to the surface. Therefore, we all react differently to the things or words said from another. If we as adults donโ€™t stop and reflect on the past, then we will forever stay programmed in a less than desired mindset. Through my personal journey of self-growth, I wasnโ€™t truly able to heal … Read More More Than Enough

Finding Balance through the Awakening

Over the past year, Iโ€™ve learned plenty regarding finding balance in life. It turns out having a spiritual awakening and pushing through a various number of obstacles on your path of personal growth can certainly benefit you. On this weekโ€™s episode of Dose of Doris I talk about balance and how you can find inner serenity with four self-care tips that can be incorporated … Read More Finding Balance through the Awakening


Protected in White Lace

Spring is in full bloom, so why not wear a mask that exudes elegance? While the CDC still advises us to wear a face covering to slow the spread of COVID-19 I find wearing one by Wearable Masks to be the only option. Face coverings (to some) may still feel like an unusual addition to their daily routines because of the way they conceal … Read More Protected in White Lace