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An Evening at Markham

Just in time for harvest, I shared a lovely evening with industry leaders, media acquaintances & fellow lovers of Merlot at Markham Vineyards. The anticipated Legends of Merlot Harvest Dinner was held at within the vineyards historic barrel room. Founded in 1874, Markham has always taken pride in operating and producing some of Napa’s best wines which embody unique characteristics, aromatics, and flavors. Located … Read More An Evening at Markham

A Reason to Trust

What is perfect timing, and does it even exist? The answer is YES, only if you allow it. In order to trust the timing of your life you MUST first trust that everything has a place. If a relationship or a job failed it had a place in your life at that distinct time, maybe it sparked a spiritual awakening or it could have … Read More A Reason to Trust


The Art of Glamour

Glamour is an illusion, a form of mystery revealing a fragile state that changes with time. Glamour, from my perspective, is defined as recreation from all facets of our lives. Perhaps the best way to describe it is with a ravishing red lipstick, a sensual hourglass silhouette, and style inspiration from such mavens as Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, and Jayne Mansfield. While many may … Read More The Art of Glamour