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An Era of Architectural History

Oakland is such a diverse city that celebrates an era of architectural history throughout its 138 neighborhoods. The past six years of blogging Rich and I have explored some of the most spectacular facades of the greater bay area. Many of these landmarks have told a story from the photos taken, transporting one to a time once viewed as the most prosperous decades in … Read More An Era of Architectural History


Do What you Love

Have you ever wondered if you allowed yourself to actively let go and trust the process you would attract new success. To do what you love, you must first find what that is. Once you have found it, you must honor it by doing it wherever and whenever you can. Once you have honored it, you must pursue it if you truly wish to … Read More Do What you Love


1881 Napa

I had the opportunity recently to catch up with the one and only Jean-Charles Boisset during his grand opening for 1881 Napa a premium tasting room and AVA museum adjacent to the Oakville Grocery in Oakville. Visitors to 1881 Napa will find a meticulously restored 1881 Victorian (hence the name) as a great place to spend an afternoon exploring the 16 sub-AVA’s history and wine. … Read More 1881 Napa