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spiritually at home

There comes a time in everyone’s life to move on, from outdated patterns, habits and even versions of oneself. I am one that is very familiar with the the process of transformation as my entire life has been a series of deaths and rebirth (figural speaking) with the last two years being pivotal in my soul’s evolution.  Nothing will ever prepare you for the journey of finding … Read More spiritually at home


Self-Owned Energy

There is nothing more glamourous than a woman that loves herself, knows what she wants and has found harmony from within. With reiki you can experience all of this together with the life force from inside. Through my personal healing journey, reiki has gifted me the comfort of finding balance without the usage of medication. I often have YouTube subscribers from Dose of Doris … Read More Self-Owned Energy


Escape to Tiki Tom’s

In case you can’t escape for a quick jaunt to Tahiti or Hawaii, consider slipping into Tiki Tom’s Walnut Creek. From inside you will find bamboo walls, Hawaiian floral garland throughout and treasures from an era gone by. The restaurant / lounge bustles most nights as guest can explore a full menu offering a broad range of island-themed cuisine, from ahi poke to coconut … Read More Escape to Tiki Tom’s