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Uncork California Wine Club

  Working within the wine industry I find myself able to experience a fruitful array of prominent wineries any time, however what if you don’t have this same privilege? The solution is rather simple, you become a member with California Wine Club and get what you exactly want. With each delivery, you’ll discover a prominent assortment of wines from all reds to a healthy … Read More Uncork California Wine Club


Glamour & Grace in Leopard

An essential for my daily glamour and style is provided by Bitter Root Vintage, a well curated vintage-inspired retailer that specializes in 1940s and 50s era styled dresses and accessories.Vintage dresses possess such an elegant alluring image inspiring one to relive such an era of sophistication with the utmost grace. Finding a practical vintage-inspired dress for an upcoming social event or dinner for two, … Read More Glamour & Grace in Leopard


Holiday Cheer with FitVine Wine

  Those with diabetes (like myself) may often run into social dilemmas of being offered a glass of wine, leaving many to wonder, “What is the protocol for drinking wine when you have diabetes?”. How much is too much, what types are healthier and why. Wine consumption is still seen today as a sophisticated experience even for those who struggle with diabetes. While some … Read More Holiday Cheer with FitVine Wine