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AIA San Francisco Living: Home Tours

Growing up I found myself in and out of modelled home tours with my mother, an aspiring bay area interior designer. Perhaps this is where I fell in love with architecture as an art, among equally being captivated by the perfectly eloquent furniture and home décor. With my love for home design and architecture I couldn’t help but attend AIA San Francisco Living: Home … Read More AIA San Francisco Living: Home Tours


Modern meets Vintage

From the final days of warm temperatures to cold evenings, Fall is approaching rather quickly. I appreciate the translate from every season through the lens of my personal vintage-inspired aesthetic, where I always draw from an era gone by. Today a modern French Connection sleeveless jumpsuit meets a collection of vintage accessories. Rules like ‘don’t wear white after Labor Day’ or ‘shoes matching the … Read More Modern meets Vintage


Picture Perfect

One of the greatest attributes of dressing in vintage everyday, besides the exquisite garments and costume jewelry is by far the red lips – don’t you agree? Some little girls, play with dolls and others paint their lips red, I was that girl. Today this girly pattern skirt brings back fond memories from my youth when I would apply my grandmother’s red Revlon lipstick … Read More Picture Perfect