There is nothing more glamourous than a woman that loves herself, knows what she wants and has found harmony from within. With reiki you can experience all of this together with the life force from inside. Through my personal healing journey, reiki has gifted me the comfort of finding balance without the usage of medication.

I often have YouTube subscribers from Dose of Doris ask me how does reiki work in healing oneself. Reiki healing works with utilizing the cycle of life force energy presented in every human being. This healing technique flows in every person and tends to convert it in a productive form of energy. This is a self-owned energy form that is transferred from one person to another. I found through my personal experience this can heal a person from the inside as well as help in soothing their mind and spirit. In addition, a person can get channelization of energy by following reiki procedures and it can be used stand alone or with multiple sessions. Reiki has enforced changes in my life to remove past behavioral patterns, mindset and centering my aura allowing me to find my inner power.

As an advocate for both type one & two diabetes many have heard my personal testimonial of how reiki has helped heal my heart charka. This alone has allowed me to release past childhood trauma and suppressed emotions. The moment after I woke from my initial healing session, I felt a transfer of life force energy shift from one side of my body to the other. Through this experience I can have witnessed it assisting me in balancing my mind and priorities to lead a contented life.

For those seeking to learn more about reiki I highly recommend Patience Harmon Owner of Reiki Harmony Wellness Studio in Alamo where you can enroll in personal reiki sessions as well as learn various attunements of self-healing.

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