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spiritually at home

There comes a time in everyone’s life to move on, from outdated patterns, habits and even versions of oneself. I am one that is very familiar with the the process of transformation as my entire life has been a series of deaths and rebirth (figural speaking) with the last two years being pivotal in my soul’s evolution.  Nothing will ever prepare you for the journey of finding … Read More spiritually at home


The Beauty of Power

There will be moments in your life when you will be asked to take a journey into the unknown. Moments when nobody will be there to hold your hand and walk your path with you. And when that happens, you must stand in your power. Its when you find yourself becoming awakened spiritually, you are able to see and receive the signs that the … Read More The Beauty of Power


The Sheer Luxury of Daytime Boudoir

  The last time I worn this sheer embossed robe I was literally shedding the shame of diabetes for T1D Exposed Nude advocacy calendar photo-shoot. Since that liberating experience earlier this year at studio 23 with Tara Layman Photography I’ve been waiting for the right moment again to wear it – today is that day. Wearing nightwear as daywear can be a hit or … Read More The Sheer Luxury of Daytime Boudoir