M LS1Have you ever realized that any journey starts with just one step then with the next and so on? A person’s journey begins with a thought, a vision then the daily practice of action to create the result. The steps taken, will often contain a dose of uncertainty and fear taking us through doors to the next level of achievements that await us.

For those of you that have followed me for the past six years have seen me start from humble beginnings, just a young woman thriving to be her authentic self to fashioning not only a name within the industry but more importantly a message that exudes passion and positivity, Every set back is the set up for the glamour in life ™.

For many they may see glamour is an illusion, a form of mystery revealing a fragile state that changes with time. Glamour, from my perspective is the journey that surrounds us from all facets of our lives. I will openly admit I am not perfect but like every woman, I strive to create elegance by choosing clothing, accessories and the proper mind-set that enhances my future and the next door I will enter.

Years from now, ingénues, fashion mavens, and fashionistas may perceive my journey and image as an inspiration that can be seen beneath any particular garment or accessory I have ever fashioned to the current era. My love for the historic implementation which surrounds the dated architecture of a bygone era, a label-less garment made of materials held together with a story, and the authentic, yet poetic messages I write and speak are all sincere expressions of my personal courage to succeed.F1doors.jpg
BW F2DetailsF3M 3Bettie Page Clothing “Cristina Dress” c/o Dee Foreman. Vintage Pearl Brooch & Rhinestone Earrings (similar here & here). Vintage City of  Paris Millinery. Beauty, Face Belleci Cosmetics, Lips, Hickey Lipstick, Nails, Rossario George. Heels, Kate Spade (similar here & here). Photography by rf_fisher_photography

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