The most essential experience created by architecture is in its structure. Architecture presents the drama of construction silenced into matter, space and light. Ultimately, architecture is the art of design and proportion.

487A9106Design is a part of everyone’s life, we live, construct and create life in the art of architecture. The aspects of all design effect our lives, however the similarities to architecture and fashion, as I believe are many. Both have a grace or in better terms “stance”.

When an architect is in the thought plane, they often will sketch their design on paper from a vision created; the same goes for a fashion designer. Having experienced the avant garde of the design world I find it true that design is functional and regarded far from plain or uninteresting. Regardless of its appeal to a certain audience, buildings and clothing are both designed by someone. Decisions have been made regarding the proportions, material selections, and use.041019AIASFHerbst_001During this year’s AIA San Francisco Design Awards held at the War Memorial Theater inside the historical Green Room, Bay Area individuals and organizations were recognized for their outstanding achievements in Architecture and design. The program serves to inform the public of the scope and value of architectural practice.

A few highlighted award honorees were Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP for the Monterey Conference Center, The Amador Apartments in Oakland by jones | haydu and the historic preservation of the Lodge at the Presidio with Architectural Resources Group. For the entire list of winners please click here.

Design of all mediums is something we all can appreciate. Whether it is fashion, architecture, art, graphic design, etc., we can cross-pollinate almost anything to create something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 487A9108Images c/o Dirk Wyse Photography

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