Where does one, that is a lover of vintage glamour go to shop, the answer: All Things Vintage. From a beloved interest for both vintage apparel and design, Lucy & Claudia owners and friends of 40 years started collecting (over a decade ago) an assortment of vintage dresses, furs, costume jewelry and accessories before starting their current storefront in Oakland.

I fell upon their store as a referral while I had attended last year’s Oakland Ballet Gala, ATV_M1ever since my first visit I have been a devoted client investing in pieces that aren’t easily accessible elsewhere. Vintage is my orbit, it makes me feel a bit more glamourous and even though its decades away from current styles I find there are always opportunities to blend both vintage and modern collectively.

Today’s visit I am wearing one of the owners pieces, a Lilli Ann San Francisco wool 2-piece suit. The clothing brand was started by Adolph Schuman in 1933 naming it after his wife. The company became known for their beautiful, elaborately designed suits and coats. With a slight modern touch I added a bow blouse from Banana Republic with a vintage rhinestone encrusted brooch paired with Kate Spade pumps, retro leather clutch and ruby red lipstick.

When I come to All Things Vintage, I typically have seen a new arrival posted on their Instagram page, I will send a direct message to ask if its available and find myself shopping their next upcoming sale. Every visit is never the same as they always have new styles from their private collections as well as consigners.

 “While watching old movies with my grandmother I knew I wanted to dress like Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly they had such elegance.” 

ATV_DetailsShopping for vintage is a lifestyle, its not something you do one day. It’s a level of commitment that is seen through your accessories, garments and hairstyle. However, for one that is looking to dabber into adding vintage into their wardrobe, the first thing you need to understand is the difference between vintage and thrift. When you are shopping for vintage clothing you will find many items are made with metal zippers, side-snap closures, and union labels printed in blue.

A good first piece of vintage for those newly exploring the era is something basic and classic, try a 1950s beaded cardigan or a 1960s little black dress. This will make for a piece that you can wear over and over again that won’t lost its luster, its already a classic. Lastly, a quality vintage garment can cost ATV_Fullas much as current couture (ex, vintage Chanel) so the question remains why should you choose a pre-owned item over something new? Because it’s made better, a general rule of thumb is that the older the piece the higher the quality.

There is something about vintage accessories and clothing after you start styling yourself in a few pieces you will find it will make its way to your heart and soul.

If you are looking for a tailored experience, I highly recommend you visiting Lucy and Claudia at All Things Vintage, they are seasoned in their realm of fashion history and will have you glam up in no time.

Photography c/o Jason Lee of J Lee Photo Imaging



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