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A Poignant Connection in Luxury

In life we are provided the ability to connect, create and teach – sadly enough many of us aren’t partaking in these liberal actions – the question is why not? Perhaps it’s the reason I admire the marketing industry, finding it the one platform where you can provide a service and immediately form a relationship that brings elucidation. The goal of any centric marketing … Read More A Poignant Connection in Luxury

Makes Women Glamorous and Men Look Twice

There is nothing more sophisticated than a luxurious fur stole to complement a woman’s ensemble, as it can be defined as elegance. Fur coats, shrugs, and stoles were essential to a woman’s wardrobe in the 1940s, as elegant ladies would garnish them over tailored suits and evening wear.  I find women are keen to attempt such a trend, but hesitate for a number of … Read More Makes Women Glamorous and Men Look Twice

The City that Knows how

As anyone who knows me is clearly aware, I adore the vintage style and history of a grand San Francisco landmark. So it comes as no surprise that such a monument of 1915 will stand as this week’s subject and backdrop. A grand memory I cherish comes from afternoon strolls through “the city that knows how,” a phrase that has over the years represented … Read More The City that Knows how