Makes Women Glamorous and Men Look Twice

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There is nothing more sophisticated than a luxurious fur stole to complement a woman’s ensemble, as it can be defined as elegance. Fur coats, shrugs, and stoles were essential to a woman’s wardrobe in the 1940s, as elegant ladies would garnish them over tailored suits and evening wear.  I find women are keen to attempt such a trend, but hesitate for a number of reasons, ranging from animal safety to the controversy of wearing real fur. Trying synthetic man-made materials today is a way of bringing back a luxe material from an era gone by.

Styling your wardrobe with the accent of fur is alluring, which in return brings originality to your appearance. I’ve discovered draping a fur stole over one shoulder to the simple placement in hand, presents such a classic physique, all the while staying within a modern aesthetic. A 1957 magazine ad from Hollywood designer, Dorothy O’ Hara, with the slogan, “Makes women look nice and men look twice,” stands as a lasting impression of how a woman could potentially sculpt their figure with fabrics and fur accents.

With a satin side sash, accented with a larger than life bow, complemented by a slim waist, and the beauty of a pair of Rich’s mother’s delicate pearl earrings, a fur shrug completes a 1950s inspired dress by Lady V London. From their newest bridal collection, which displays an array of both bridal and bridesmaid designs, the ‘Loretta’ features a design that sits below the knee providing an extremely classic and elegant style for all occasions.Full 2 5-2-2016M2 BNW 5-2-2016Details 5-2-2016BK 5-2-2016M3 5-2-2016LS 2 5-2-2016Full 4 5-2-2016Full 5 5-2-2016.jpgLS 3 5-2-2016Full 6 5-2-2016Full 7 5-2-2016
“Loretta” Bridal Dress  c/o Lady V London // Vintage Mink Fur Shrug // White Satin Gloves, Pearl Earrings & Bracelet (Theresa Fisher), Peridot Rhinestone Brooch // 1930s Crochet Bag (Doris Alexander) // Donna Karen Hosiery // Brian atwood Patent Pumps // Red Lipstick “Really Red” c/o Marykay 

2 Comments on “Makes Women Glamorous and Men Look Twice

  1. I’m so pleased that you had the courage to post about fur. Its sad that people have become hypersensitive about the issue. Surely well farmed fur is more humane than poorly farmed leather or meat?

    • I appreciate your kind words Meineels and yes fur is a touchy subject, but we all know that nothing showcases the 1940s more than an authentic fur wrap or coat. xoxo

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