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The Lost Art of Gloves & Millinery

More than 65 years ago women carried a sense of poise that is hardly seen within todayโ€™s main stream. From a golden era which possessed an epitome of glamour, there were two sought-after accouterments which women ideally complemented each ensemble with: Gloves and Millinery. The question for many may solely be, is there an accessory that provokes more conversation among strangers than one on … Read More The Lost Art of Gloves & Millinery


A Nostalgic Feeling on Main Street

Despite the chill in the air this afternoon, a stroll Downtown here in Pleasanton will greet you with unexpected finds and uncommon treasures. The pedestrian-friendly, tree-lined streets offer a vibrant blend of parks, historic buildings, specialty boutiques, service businesses, fine dining and coffee shops. Although the historic Main Street entrance of 1894 may seem small from a distance, to walk through downtown Pleasanton a … Read More A Nostalgic Feeling on Main Street


A Fond Memory of American Train Travel

I find the Niles train station to bring such fond memories, an image that never fades. Standing at the train depots boarding gate, as a little girl, with such anticipation, not only for the thought that in less than an hourโ€™s time Iโ€™d be in the presence of a gallery of grand art belonging to my grandfatherโ€™s artistic family members. On these bi-monthly excursions, … Read More A Fond Memory of American Train Travel