m11-29-2017More than 65 years ago women carried a sense of poise that is hardly seen within today’s main stream. From a golden era which possessed an epitome of glamour, there were two sought-after accouterments which women ideally complemented each ensemble with: Gloves and Millinery.

The question for many may solely be, is there an accessory that provokes more conversation among strangers than one on top of the head or held in hand? From an inherited velvet pillbox hat to designs embossed in the finest fabrics, headwear is a conversation starter and justifies a respected appreciation. While the development of millinery has existed in Britain since the 1700’s, today we perceive such an art form as dated. Is the notion outdated in contemporary style circles, or will it take center stage once again?  “Fashion changes, style remains,” said Yves Saint Laurent. With this in mind, fashion today is influenced by style icons from yesterday.

To wear millinery (such as a Pillbox design) I’ve found they can be a bit of a paradox in the sense of correctly positioning on one’s head. When you hear the style term Pillbox, Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn, or Jackie Kennedy may come to mind. With its debut in the 1930’s many were designed small and were worn tilted while others fashioned it rather traditionally on the back of the head. Both positions are often seen as a rather discreet approach of showcasing prominent sophistication and class.

Millinery wouldn’t be complete without a pair of lady-like gloves, preferably a pair that seamlessly matched your ensemble. With the addition of a belted plaid wool suit by Summit of Boston, crushed velvet Charles of California Pillbox; adding the subtle touch of a warm honey amber rhinestone brooch and matching earrings, completes such a presence and mission to sustainability bring the lost art of wearing Gloves and Millinery back into today’s fashion.
Authentic Summit of Boston Wool Suit (similar here)
Vintage Accessories  (as seen on my Etsy)
Charles of California Millinery (Doris Alexander)
Marble Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics
Fiore Glam Satin Top Hosiery c/o Heels & Toes Inc.
Heels by Ivanka Trump 

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