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The Beauty of the Process

Is it true that beauty returns us to our origins, perhaps beauty allows us to forget the impurities of our past, as it heals and motivates what we truly desire from within. I’ve found that beauty is in everything, especially with sight and hearing. It has the qualities of pleasing shapes, form, color, and harmony. It evokes aesthetic pleasure and can only be experienced … Read More The Beauty of the Process


The Lost Art of Gloves & Millinery

More than 65 years ago women carried a sense of poise that is hardly seen within today’s main stream. From a golden era which possessed an epitome of glamour, there were two sought-after accouterments which women ideally complemented each ensemble with: Gloves and Millinery. The question for many may solely be, is there an accessory that provokes more conversation among strangers than one on … Read More The Lost Art of Gloves & Millinery

Living Life up Here in MARGE

Most of us inherit traits and mannerisms from our families such as the color of our eyes and the way we perform daily rituals, however fashion designer and founder of MARGE Clothing, Kaersten Cooper inherited profound height and her grandmother, Marjorie Boldt nostalgic talent. Being inspired by her grandmother, a fashion illustrator from the 1930’s and 40’s Kaersten grew up absorbing her qualities and combining these … Read More Living Life up Here in MARGE