Femininity in Menswear

Middle 1 8-22-2016It’s a man’s world, at least in mine. When I was growing up in the early 1980s, I was surrounded in a male dominated realm which consisted of strength, masculinity, and determination. My father spent many of his days working as a diligent Engineer with my paternal grandfathers, both entrepreneurs in their established trade. One being a Folk-Art artist and the other an Electrician. Throughout my childhood I watched these men deal with a number of unexpected occurrences, always keeping a mild tempo and collected mindset. By the time I was twenty-three, I had formed a persona that could easily be recognized as a ‘female alpha’ where I would orchestrate a symphony of cross promotion as a social conductor bringing ease to any conversation.

Reminiscing on my first encounter with menswear at the age of fourteen years, I found myself embracing my slender form with my grandfather’s Herringbone wool jacket, quite similar to the one I am shoulder robing here. There is something masculine, yet amatory, with wearing menswear, perhaps it’s the dignified structure, not to mention, the punctuation that this particular style projects. I find it quite funny that most men desire women who are natural in contrast of how women find nothing sexier than a man in a three-piece suit accompanied by a tie and pocket square. In society where a European flair of dressing has been over shadowed by an athleisure motif of a new generation from today’s millennials, there are fewer men dressing to their gentlemen roots.

With a feminine touch from a gathered ruched blouse, the plush touch of a high-waisted velvet pencil skirt, and antiquated splendor from a 1950s pearl encrusted rhinestone brooch creating the perfect marriage between a meticulous craftsmanship of menswear and the classic lady.Stairs 8-22-2016Bag 8-22-2016Window 8-22-2016Full 1 8-22-2016LS 8-22-2016Full 2 8-22-2016Shoes 8-22-2016Back 8-22-2016Details 8-22-2016Sit 8-22-2016
Velvet Pencil Skirt (similar here) // Alexandria, Long Sleeve Ruched Blouse (similar here) // Vintage Herringbone Wool Jacket (similar here & here) // Kate Spade “Laurette” Pumps (similar here) // Vintage Patent Clutch (similar here) // 1950s Pearl & Rhinestone Brooch (similar here & Etsy)



2 Comments on “Femininity in Menswear

  1. Simply stunning! The menswear look was one of my favorite trends from the fall/winter runways this season (along with modern takes on gray plaid). You’ve paired these two trends beautifully here.


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