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Blending History with Modern Elegance

Modern elegance doesn’t require instruction—instead, it comes from a confidence inside that allows one to exude such panache. From a meaningful craving for luxury, we at some time will embark on a journey translating this vision we interpretate and convey. Where does this all transpire from, let’s explore – shall we? It’s rare to hear anyone say they’re too glamorous or that there’s nothing … Read More Blending History with Modern Elegance


Retro Cat-Eyed Glamour

Judging from the plethora of eye-catching retro-inspired eyewear that’s been getting face time – from the ready to-wear runways of NYFW to the sprawling city streets of Los Angeles – it’s clear that sunglasses have stayed within a chic Joan Crawford meets Marilyn Monroe, style aesthetic. It’s this shift which reflects the current look-at-me trends – retro, vintage-inspired frames, chunky cat eyed tortoise shells … Read More Retro Cat-Eyed Glamour


A Vision of Authenticity in MARGE Clothing

There is something to be said about how a particular designer will convey their personal vision of authenticity. Many brands and product lines have successfully brought such a nostalgic period to today’s market, refashioning yesteryear’s fashion for a luxury minded sophisticated audience. Having previously interviewed Founder and Designer, Kearsten Cooper of MARGE Clothing for VRAI Magazine, I’ve become accustomed to her brands awareness which … Read More A Vision of Authenticity in MARGE Clothing