Tory Burch M1Modern elegance doesn’t require instruction—instead, it comes from a confidence inside that allows one to exude such panache. From a meaningful craving for luxury, we at some time will embark on a journey translating this vision we interpretate and convey. Where does this all transpire from, let’s explore – shall we?

It’s rare to hear anyone say they’re too glamorous or that there’s nothing they’d like to indulge in, fashionably speaking. As fantasies unfold in passing conversation, it can seem that almost everyone nurtures some kind of fantasy about an image they like to convey to the world, yet it remains undiscovered, why is that?  Perhaps, it’s our faith in what we know as being authentic, versatile and self-worthy.Bag 1Since the beginning of Rich in Love, I’ve always garnished myself with a number of vintage handbags all dating from the early 1950s with a selected few being used daily.  However, for my business persona my lifestyle is quite unpredictable which in return requires a study yet, luxurious minimalist shape. I found the smooth leather and crisp brogue styling from the T-Satchel by Tory Burch to fit my classic Doir-inspired wardrobe effortlessly. While the elegance of vintage glamour will remain I find this Satchel to also compliment my European elegance.Tory Burch F1Tory Burch DetailTory Burch F2Tory Burch M3Tory Burch F3Authentic Vintage Knit Suit. Black Rhinestone Earrings (similar here & here). T-Satchel c/o Tory Burch. Aldo, Uloavel Pumps (sold at DSW), MAC Cosmetics, Chili Matte Lipstick. Universal Foundation System c/o Belleci Cosmetics

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