Full 1 6-27Have you ever experienced a time when communication fell short from anything conventional?  Perhaps a mislead conversation or perspective flooded your conscious mind resulting to a quite different tone spoken. Words are in many ways represented as a wooden frame, as it accumulates meanings from its four perfectly symmetry borders and later forgotten.

Take speech in a conversation for an example, it’s not just what we say but how we say it that matters. Our cadence can often be more reflective of our true intentions than the words we utter. Whether you’re a discreet person or a lurid talker, your conversational skills can enhance your social interactions.

I’ve always found grand beauty in all that has ever surrounded me, even in situations that were less than desirable. What if we all could see through the decree circumstances that our life held for us, would we then be that much closer to our higher-self, or potential truth? What if one thought of love, abundance and gratitude each day were the answers to interweaving a better existence?

I’ve now come to realize how communication, in better terms our actions conjure our results. Though most of us see no difference between the two as the outcome typically reads a melancholic outcome while a burning passion continues from within. Certain events we live out in our habitual lives serve as quieter milestones for personal growth and opulence.Full 2 6-27Sit 1 6-27Plants 6-27M1 6-27-17Sit 2 6-27Details 6-27M2 6-27-17Garbine Wool Skirt (Family Heirloom, Doris Alexander). Tie Neck Halter Blouse (similar here & here). Cat-eye Sunglasses (similar here, here & here). Coach, Teddie Pumps.  MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Matte Lipstick.

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