The Beaded Boater by Sarah Sokol Millinery

The Boater hat, is an accessory that has been admired throughout the last hundred and fifty years in fashion history as a piece that is charming for leisure wear for both men and women. My first glimpse of such a millinery style came in 2004 with the flirty hit HBO sitcom, Sex in the City where the always fashion-forward, Carrie Bradshaw arrived in Paris wearing a … Read More The Beaded Boater by Sarah Sokol Millinery


Words Spoken with Love

Have you ever experienced a time when communication fell short from anything conventional?  Perhaps a mislead conversation or perspective flooded your conscious mind resulting to a quite different tone spoken. Words are in many ways represented as a wooden frame, as it accumulates meanings from its four perfectly symmetry borders and later forgotten. Take speech in a conversation for an example, it’s not just … Read More Words Spoken with Love


A Perspective to Heal

Thoughts have been causing health related concerns for centuries; as the mind has more foundation then anyone would ever believe it has. After studying my individual behavior traits through a number of both, sub-conscious and conscious actions I’ve discovered we don’t think enough. Have you ever thought the health problems in our bodies come from damaging emotions we conjure to feel? From many years … Read More A Perspective to Heal