Full 1The simplest answer to the aroma of luxury begins with perfume, like all beautiful things, a nonchalant spritz can provide a moment of opulence. What is it from within the commercial beauty industry that keeps us aroused? Perhaps its current trends, media billboards or simply the celebrity and couture model endorsements we see in today’s elite fashion publications.

However there is an aspect of perfume that goes beyond the scent itself. Christian Dior, French fashion designer, once said “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” For instance, if a woman is keen to floral scents, it may mean she is unmistakably feminine and she is not afraid to flaunt it. She loves dresses and heels and sipping pink champagne from a tall flute. And if she likes citrus scents, she pops out of bed ready to conquer the world. But if she likes woody perfumes, she is a no-nonsense type and a trendsetter. On the other hand, if you are a candy-scented woman, you are usually delightful and interesting.PerfumeThese evaluations of the stories that a luxurious fragrance can tell only enchant one to become more inclined to their story. When I smell Carolina Herrera, Good Girl with its devastatingly sensual, yet evocative scent I envision a woman dressed in lace, garnished in delicate pearls, perfectly set curls and sultry red lips – elegance with strength.

The stories and fantasies that we all share through perfume are also responsible for a wonderful connection with other perfume lovers we meet along the way. These stories, often exchanged through our personas, create a tangible link to who we are or wish to be. Now, it’s your turn – who do you want to BE today?HeadbandM1BagBNWM2Good Girl by Carolina Herrera. Chantilly Lace Pencil Dress, similar here, here here. Freshwater Pearl Earrings, here & here. Vintage Leather Clutch similar here & hereAldo-Uloaviel Pump. 1950’s Bow Headband, similar here.

5 Comments on “Are you a Good Girl?

  1. Omg! You look like you came straght out of an old Hollywood movie.


    • Hi hun! Thank you for visiting, it’s greatly appreciated. Are you on Twitter or Instagram I’d like to follow you. Have a glamorous day ahead!

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