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A Deeper Thought of Being

  Does the following statement below sound familiar to you? โ€œIf only I could HAVE a certain thing, I would DO something, and then I would BE happier.โ€ There are laws which govern the Universe (as many of us are aware of), such as the Law of Gravity. The Law of Gravity is always consistent: if we fall, we will find ourselves rapidly moving … Read More A Deeper Thought of Being


Are you a Good Girl?

The simplest answer to the aroma of luxury begins with perfume, like all beautiful things, a nonchalant spritz can provide a moment of opulence. What is it from within the commercial beauty industry that keeps us aroused? Perhaps its current trends, media billboards or simply the celebrity and couture model endorsements we see in todayโ€™s elite fashion publications. However there is an aspect of … Read More Are you a Good Girl?