An Amphitheater of Roses with Theresa

M1 7-18-2016Life is all about inspiring others, as we all have an incredible opportunity to influence the next individual that crosses our path. This is why we purposely must always be aware of how our verbal and physical actions are carried out and come from a place of authentic love. One that comes to mind is nestled within a mother’s love, which consists of home traditions and compares to the significance a single red rose presents.

On this particular photo-shoot, Rich and I celebrated a woman who was the true inspiration during his youth, symbolizing both love and beauty; that women is his mother, Theresa Fisher, or better known to many as “Teddy”. Today would’ve been her 88th birthday, and what better place to embrace her beauty than surrounded by an Amphitheater of Roses. Created in 1933, the Morcom Rose Garden houses well over a thousand perennial blooms. They are spread across seven acres off Grand Avenue, a premier street in Oakland where Theresa was raised with her 3 siblings. Standing among the public garden, which today remains a 1930’s gem, I felt a harmonious poise from the winding paths, graceful stairways, and dramatic water features. I entered through the grand entrance of the amphitheater and stood hand in hand with Rich, as we consumed the crisp morning dew, while our eyes wandered to the vast photo opportunities. With a few additional steps forward, we had noticed a bronze plaque that stated, “Mother of the Year Award,”’ an award given annually since 1954, honoring those in the community symbolizing the finest traditions of ‘motherhood’.

To display the love I have for Rich’s mother, I wore her gold plated pearl earrings, a piece of jewelry frequently showcased here on the blog from time-to-time. When these earrings were acquired, I had discovered they were missing a mate. Anyone else might have disregarded such an earring, but for me it brought more of an authentic reason to find a clever way to model them. Though the soft pin curls abundantly cover my left ear, I am able to showcase this single earring on my fully -exposed right ear in honor of a mother I had never met, but feel I had.
In loving memory of Theresa ‘Teddy’ Fisher – a woman, mother, and wife with a generous heart of gold. She was satisfied by the thought of providing for others, and her smile celebrates the joys in life.LS1 7-18-2016Rose1 7-18-2016.jpgFull1 7-18-2016Rose 2 7-18-2016Middle 2 7-18-2016Roses3 7-18-2016Sit 1 7-18-2016Details2 7-18-2016BNW 7-18-2016Rose 4 7-18-2016LS 2 7-18-2016Roses 5 7-18-2016Middle 3 7-18-2016
Red Lace ‘Karen’ Sheath Dress c/o DAVIS Fashion // Golden Framed Renaissance Cameo Brooch Etsy // Vintage Pearl Earrings (Theresa Fisher) // Coach ‘Teddi’ Pumps // Cosmetics c/o Belleci Beauty

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