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A Sense of European Flair in Hermès

Alongside a large tidal lagoon in the center of Oakland, just east of Downtown lies the historic Madison-Lake Apartments of 1927 – better known today as Hotel Merritt. A historian at heart for grand architecture I find the San Francisco bay area bestows a nostalgic era when detail was as intricate as the garments worn. Embracing centuries of history that towers before me, I … Read More A Sense of European Flair in Hermès

Femininity in Menswear

It’s a man’s world, at least in mine. When I was growing up in the early 1980s, I was surrounded in a male dominated realm which consisted of strength, masculinity, and determination. My father spent many of his days working as a diligent Engineer with my paternal grandfathers, both entrepreneurs in their established trade. One being a Folk-Art artist and the other an Electrician. … Read More Femininity in Menswear

Reflection of a Little Girl’s Dream

In 1987, a little girl sat at a gunmetal ROYAL typewriter, ignited by a whimsical imagination. She had the tightest fire engine red curls that would fall to her forehead while her fingers typed so hastily; who would have ever guessed these moments would manifest her future? Each letter turned into a word, with each word turning into a sentence, and each sentence manifested … Read More Reflection of a Little Girl’s Dream