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More Than Enough

The traumas we experience in childhood act as triggers that bring past-life memories to the surface. Therefore, we all react differently to the things or words said from another. If we as adults don’t stop and reflect on the past, then we will forever stay programmed in a less than desired mindset. Through my personal journey of self-growth, I wasn’t truly able to heal … Read More More Than Enough

A Sense of European Flair in Hermès

Alongside a large tidal lagoon in the center of Oakland, just east of Downtown lies the historic Madison-Lake Apartments of 1927 – better known today as Hotel Merritt. A historian at heart for grand architecture I find the San Francisco bay area bestows a nostalgic era when detail was as intricate as the garments worn. Embracing centuries of history that towers before me, I … Read More A Sense of European Flair in Hermès

Moments that Define our Lives

Many times in my career as a Writer, Model and Consultant I find myself interviewing the brightest minds within the industry. What I perceive significant with these partnerships (beside their personal stories) perhaps is the possibility to one day meet them in person. Many of you might’ve noticed a harmonious union I’ve formed with Davis Brimberg of Davis Fashion, a Los Angeles based label … Read More Moments that Define our Lives