Moments that Define our Lives

LS 8-29-2016Many times in my career as a Writer, Model and Consultant I find myself interviewing the brightest minds within the industry. What I perceive significant with these partnerships (beside their personal stories) perhaps is the possibility to one day meet them in person. Many of you might’ve noticed a harmonious union I’ve formed with Davis Brimberg of Davis Fashion, a Los Angeles based label which exudes dress designs that are all classic, yet timeless for the confident women.

From our initial introduction on Instagram in April, a collection of lucrative opportunities had arisen with a momentum that was beyond our foreseen expectations. Aiming to achieve vastness as I always do, in little over three months’ time I’ve curated for DAVIS Fashion, two magazine covers, a highly exposed guest blog-post feature, publication videos, in addition to a sought-after three-page Stalletto Magazine Editorial (releasing September 19th), and the social media outreach in support to these  opportunities. Perhaps all of these occurrences could be seen as a compound effect of connecting Davis with the best media exposure possible through of a number of personal marketing principles I practice.Detail 8-29-2016Full 8-29-2016Lamp 8-29-2016
Coming in the month of September, I am honored to meet Davis in person as she tours the San Francisco Bay Area for a number of various fashion events. For those interested, please feel free to join us for an evening of Design, Wine, and Fine Art at Jennifer Perlmutter Art Gallery in Lafayette, additional details can be found below. While I count down the days until we meet I have no doubt Davis’s authentic-self will shine through with strength and confidence mirroring her design motifs.  Flyer 8-29-2016‘Ava’ Dress c/o DAVIS Fashion, Use Promo Code: ‘Doris’ // Rhinestone Jewelry (similar here ) // 1950s Crystal Veil, Annie Sandoval // Black Genuine Leather Gloves (similar here ) // Kate Spade Patent ‘Licorice’ // Custom Make-Up c/o Belleci Cosmetics

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