full-1-1-2-2016Wearing animal prints, such as leopard, evokes power and luxury; while a number of past style eras have showcased no woman’s ensemble complete – without a touch of leopard.

To start off 2017 I couldn’t resist playing on the wild side of elegance with a leopard fur felt cocktail hat accompanied with a black silk dupion rosette and veiling by Award winning London-Based couture milliner, Judy Bentinck. This millinery design pairs well with today’s color choice of red, coordinating with a number of subtle vintage accessories. For those of you who contemplate how you might recreate the same ensemble, the trick is to garnish yourself with one piece of leopard rather than a head-to-toe; I personally find an accessory such as a hat or handbag to be ideal. A fine example is in the 1963 film “Charade,” where Audrey Hepburn who exudes elegance in a pointed leopard hat, pearl earrings and red coat.

This bespoke design Estella’ (as seen above) by Judy Bentinck is just one of the exceptional designs her online shop has to offer. Offering a number of distinctive collections which are all elegant and stylish, not to mention, delightfully playful. Each design retains subtle touches of dupioni silk rose curls, silk organza peonies, satin bows, sparkling buttons, wispy veiling, tulle, and ribbons which adorn each hat; accented with the right amount of vivacity. Available in all shapes and sizes, from cocktail hats to wider brimmed styles, Judy Bentinck transforms ordinary textiles into two-dimensional pieces of art offering a lovely array of designs for every imaginable occasion, family gatherings or a celebrated venue.

For many, the word “milliner” evokes a bygone era perhaps an antiquated artisan; however a milliner’s creation is solely the only accessory (in my opinion) that provokes more conversation among strangers than any other. With the right millinery precision your existing ensemble will escape boredom taking center stage once again.
Fur Felt “Estella”  Cocktail Hat c/o Judy Bentinck
onversation Starter Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage
Vintage Accessories (as seen on my Etsy)
Marble Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics
Fiore Glam Satin Top Hosiery c/o Heels & Toes Inc.  
Ivanka Trump Suede Pumps
LS1 1-2-2016.jpgm1-bnw-1-2-2016hat1-1-2-2016m2-1-2-2016feature-1-02-2016full-2-1-02-2016m3-1-2-2016hat2-1-02-2016back-1-2-2016

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