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Retain a Lively Resort Appearance In Lady Sharma

Today, I own at least 160 different styles of hats both authentic and bespoke designs by some of the leading milliners within the industry. Whether the hat is designed for an upcoming event, a sponsorship post or to simply keep the sun out of my eyes – hats have become a part of my authentic style. Lesley Sharma, Owner & Milliner of Lady Sharma … Read More Retain a Lively Resort Appearance In Lady Sharma


A Poignant Connection in Luxury

In life we are provided the ability to connect, create and teach – sadly enough many of us aren’t partaking in these liberal actions – the question is why not? Perhaps it’s the reason I admire the marketing industry, finding it the one platform where you can provide a service and immediately form a relationship that brings elucidation. The goal of any centric marketing … Read More A Poignant Connection in Luxury

Makes Women Glamorous and Men Look Twice

There is nothing more sophisticated than a luxurious fur stole to complement a woman’s ensemble, as it can be defined as elegance. Fur coats, shrugs, and stoles were essential to a woman’s wardrobe in the 1940s, as elegant ladies would garnish them over tailored suits and evening wear.Β  I find women are keen to attempt such a trend, but hesitate for a number of … Read More Makes Women Glamorous and Men Look Twice