Full 1 5-28-2017Today, I own at least 160 different styles of hats both authentic and bespoke designs by some of the leading milliners within the industry. Whether the hat is designed for an upcoming event, a sponsorship post or to simply keep the sun out of my eyes – hats have become a part of my authentic style.

Lesley Sharma, Owner & Milliner of Lady Sharma Hats is a milliner who established her brand in 2013 and appreciates the appearance of a lady-like elegance. Sharma’s Summer 2017 collection exudes a wide-range of floral pastels, extended brims and textured sun hats all retaining a lively resort appearance. I find myself rarely leaving my house without one of her designs as they present a degree of sophistication which complements my vintage aesthetic – flawlessly.

Even through you may not normally wear hats; I’ve found people will latter admit (behind closed doors) that when they’re in the presence of one, they have an overwhelming interest to at the minimum, try one on. What is it about millinery that compels us? Perhaps, it’s the thought that each hat has a story, and the details are uniquely bespoke. Whether you are in the presence of a vintage cloche which reminiscent of the 1930s era, to a traditional shaped fedora and all the alfresco adventures that the name implies.

From my personal collection I see the opportunity to not only provide a poetic homage to the women who wore them prior, but to allow others to see the historic implementation and convey that through the unbinding love I have for millinery. At any rate, a woman is not really dressed unless she is wearing a hat and at that being a Lady Sharma.
Full 2 5-28-2017M 1 5-28-2017Hat 5-28-2017BNW Full 1 5-28-2017Full 3 5-28-2017FeaturededitedFull 4 5-28-2017Lady V London Ivory Dress (similar here & here). Tropical Straw Fedora c/o Lady Sharma Hats. Vintage Rhinestone Brooch & Earring Set (similar styles sold on Etsy). Cat-Eyed Sunglasses c/o Retro Sunnies (sold out, similar here & here). ‘Really Red’ Lipstick c/o Mary Kay. Aerosoles, Laminate Sandal, available at Macy’s. Location, The Royal Hawaiian Luxury Resort

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