M1 5-21-2017In the life of a San Franciscan seclusion is never found, as living in the center of civilization randomly provides any privacy. I recently found on my latest exploration to both West Lahaina and Honolulu a journey in which served as a lesson of self-preservation and value, two actions that are often unheeded by many. While I traveled outside my accustomed comfort of pure chaos within the city, all I knew during my departure was that I would soon land on an island of pure relaxation.

During my first morning in West Lahaina, I woke early (as I typically do) and decided I’d take a walk on the shoreline prior to my first photo-shoot for Brim and Dash Millinery to watch the sun rise over the ocean. Within a minute or two, I felt a feeling I had never felt before. Perhaps the only way I can label it is, seclusion. I couldn’t help but question the value of time asking myself should one trade their personal time for a form of monetary exchange and if so, at what cost?M2 5-21-2017B1 5-21-2017Can life truly be calculated into a dollar value? Or is it determined by your life’s accomplishments? In my personal experience during my travels, I’ve found the latter to be true. Life is given value and meaning by one enjoying and accepting it for what it’s worth. As a spokesmodel to many, the value of providing an amplitude of value during such a journey has been rewarding beyond measure. From the bespoke beauty of Phyllis Warman Jewelry on the beaches of Maui to the Hawaiian glamour of Miss Poppy Wear showcased on the steps of the historical Mona Surfrider Hotel.Moana Surfrider Steps 5-21-2017Moana Surfrider Beach SideMoana Surfrider F1 5-21-2017Having spent most of my mornings conducting photo shoots, in addition to several media appearances I uncannily forgot I was engulfed within a tropical paradise of abundance and beauty. While hiking in the lush mountain terrain of Hana; leading to an evening consisting of business preparation for an upcoming interview on The Bonnie Sheri Show.

As the final days approached, so did the anticipation of being a guest on Hawaii News Now, an Emmy Award Winning broadcast. During this segment, I educated viewers regarding the misinformed stereotypes surrounding the auto-immune disease sharing the experiences a type-one diabetic goes through on a daily basis. Having been diagnosed nearly three years ago, many of you that regularly follow are aware of my underlining mission to create a form of positivity through the condition. Having been a guest on last weeks segment has assisted me to raise the level of awareness.

We are given only an unexpected amount of time to experience the world, partnerships, and love. From the ill-fated experiences, we encounter there is a sense of unveiling glamour that can be found from its sorrow. Perhaps in better terms, life provides us meaning in addition to value.

Top: Grosgrain Ribbon Raffia c/o Brim & Dash Millinery. Retro Swimsuit c/o Red Dolly Swimwear (similar here & here). Cat-Eyed Sunglasses c/o Retro Sunnies (sold out, similar here & here). MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Matte Lipstick. Location: Honua Kai Resort & Spa
Bottom: Blue ‘Doris’ Hawaii Dress & Fascinators c/o Miss Poppy Wear. Gold Rhinestone Earrings, available on Etsy. Aerosoles, Laminate Dress Sandal, available at Macy’s. ‘Really Red’ Lipstick c/o Mary Kay. Location: Waikiki Beach, Honolulu Moana Surfrider Resort & Spa

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