Full 5-08-2017Before a long trip, there is something to be said for the unexpected experiences that will take place in one’s life. At first glance, it comes from the cultural evidence that travel can make us more vulnerable, creative and curious to explore the unseen. Today, I find myself traveling to Hawaii for a number of diabetes advocate media appearances, business sponsorships, and the opportunity to explore the tropical islands of both Maui and Oahu.

Months prior to today’s departure, I have been feeling quite reflective through a two-year process I have undergone of self-growth finding such a profound meaning of what we call – life itself. Many may place all their faith in the fact that experiencing an unforeseen place, people and cultures changes them in the best ways. I’ve found through personal endeavors we push ourselves to uncontrollable situations giving unrealistic meaning that now becomes our story which in reality is how we see life. Despite the next leg of unexpected challenges I’ll experience hours from writing this post I know one thing is certain, the journey to success begins with your past.

While I sit curb side awaiting my driver to graciously take me to the airport I find myself watching the sun rise for the first time in many years. With the morning glow from the sun beaming on my pale alabaster complexion I find such certainty in my journey to Hawaii through my personal mission to explore ways I can being proper media attention to the diabetes community. With several advocate meetings scheduled which includes the American Diabetes Association, guest appearances on both The Bonnie Sher Show and Hawaii Now News I find the potential to raise awareness extremely optimistic.

Let’s also not forget the style sponsorships and media campaigns with the following sought-after designers and luxury boutiques beginning with: Miss Poppy Wear, Heidi Herrman, Brim & Dash Millinery, Phyllis Warman Jewelry, White Rabbit NY, Lady Sharma Hats, Senita Athletics, Nuvia Q for Gladys Magazine & my exclusive VRAI interview with Project Runway and AllStar designer Kini Zamora.

Morever, this trip wouldn’t be complete without Rich of rf_fisher_photography, I only can begin to imagine how his keen and professional eye will not only capture me through the lens but the beauty that will surround us both.LS 1 5-08-2017BNW 5-08-2017LS 2 5-08-2017house-10-24-2016Sit 5-08-2017Full 1 5-08-2017LS 3 5-08-2017Details 5-08-2017American Living Jersey Dress (similar here). Retro Sunnies Cat-Eyed Sunglasses (similar here & here). Authentic Accessories available on Etsy. MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Matte Lipstick. Cole Haan ‘Amela’ Pumps. Travel Services booked through Expedia 

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