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What you Want, Wants you

I am often asked what I do on the weekends, well, I typically find myself travelling for a number of client projects, Pop-Up shops for Belleci Cosmetics, modelling, sponsorship blog posts, and of course attending various media events. I find myself connecting with some of the most inspiring individuals within the industry today. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Napa Valley and … Read More What you Want, Wants you


A Journey of a Lifetime to Hawaii: The Departure

Before a long trip, there is something to be said for the unexpected experiences that will take place in one’s life. At first glance, it comes from the cultural evidence that travel can make us more vulnerable, creative and curious to explore the unseen. Today, I find myself traveling to Hawaii for a number of diabetes advocate media appearances, business sponsorships, and the opportunity … Read More A Journey of a Lifetime to Hawaii: The Departure


Clothe your Hands in Beau Gant

While the calm winter air blows a symphony of crisp golden leafs on the cobblestone walkway of a man-made stone bridge, it’s a good thing I’ve found the luxury of Beau Gant to grace my winter wardrobe. When it comes to garments and accessories, ‘Made in Italy’ is a rarity of craftsmanship which in return provides a accustom loyalty. It’s far harder, however, to … Read More Clothe your Hands in Beau Gant