11-21-full-1While the calm winter air blows a symphony of crisp golden leafs on the cobblestone walkway of a man-made stone bridge, it’s a good thing I’ve found the luxury of Beau Gant to grace my winter wardrobe.

When it comes to garments and accessories, ‘Made in Italy’ is a rarity of craftsmanship which in return provides a accustom loyalty. It’s far harder, however, to find this amount of quality in a current era that is widely populated of mass production garment choices, until now with Beau Gant.

Through the donning touch that a luxury pair of gloves can provide anyone not only in cooler weather, but all year round has been established since the beginning of fashion. Better known as the “clothing of hands,” gloves have evolved to coincide with the changes in fashion. From this inspiration Beau Gant has created a full collection of handcrafted leather gloves that are best described as versatile and elegant reminiscing the style of 1950s icons, Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn.

Beau Gant gloves are not only available in a number of hues; they also offer a full range of lengths for all occasions. Often in the 1950s, women’s long gloves were made with a lightweight fabric such as cotton and nylon, while shorter gloves were constructed from leather. Founder, Katie Das & Head Designer, Claire Gros have fashioned a collection showcasing this fundamental by incorporating vintage touches which consists of Italian artisan. From hues to lengths there are bespoke lining options with each design ranging from unlined, silk, cashmere, or fur.

Today, I find no better way to accompany these captivating eight inch leather gloves than with an heirloom camel hair coat, leather snake embossed pumps and an array of Italian-made accessories which include an authentic pheasant feather hat, leather and suede combo unlabeled handbag and my grandmothers 24 karat gold dangle earrings.
Long Leather Black Gloves c/o Beau Gant  
Luxe Camel Hair Coat (Lucy Sandoval, similar here & here)
Three-Quarter Sleeve Dress (similar here)
Golden Filigree Medical ID c/o Lauren’s Hope
Leather & Suede Accented Handbag (Cynthia Miller, view additional styles on Etsy
Fiore Glam Satin Hold Up Nylons c/o Heels and Toes Inc 
Snake Embossed Pumps c/o Joan Oloff Shoes 


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